Valter Luciani and the sale of “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”: a battle that we won!

Valter Luciani and the sale of “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”: a battle that we won!

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During the sale of “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”, the GE consultant Valter Luciani dealt with the vendors. A negotiation that, even if full of problems and difficulties, was positively closed thanks to the decisive professionalism, commitment, patience, and perseverance of all the professionals included. Valter’s tale.

I discovered “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” after having personally done a real estate property search in the area of Orvieto, as well as thanks to a friend – lawyer Pamploni. The property has been officially acquired and entered into the market in 2018.

The vendors, very particular, were a couple: the wife was Italian, while the husband Egyptian. Sometimes it was hard to understand each other, but thanks to my patience I was able to manage the several situations we had to face, being so able to positively end the negotiation… with a huge satisfaction!

The sellers have purchased the house in 2013, and they used it as a touristic facility right thanks to the potentialities of the farmhouse and the nature that surrounds it: a charming garden – something like a true “green island” enriched by a great plants variety among which some century-old olive trees. These are precisely what inspired me to choose “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” as the property name.

The negotiation with the buyer – perfectly dealt with by Mrs. Suzanne Van Ravenstein – started at the end of 2019 with the signing of a purchase offer.

After that, some bureaucratic problems and the emergency caused by Covid-19 did not allow us to find the papers we need, as well as to do and conclude some actions needed for the sale and requested by the buyer.

All these problems brought us to change the initial agreement between the parties. It was because of the obvious deadlines and the need to ask for extensions. These difficulties and problems, sometimes understandable, worried us a lot.

Then, when in June the situation started to normalize itself, we could start again the process but, once again, we had to face huge difficulties. Some documents were missing, and it was not easy to remember perfectly the verbal agreements.

This situation, so hard, forced the parties to find a compromise to be accepted by both.

Then, summer brought its problems too: offices closed, professionals on holidays.

The icing on the cake: we absolutely needed a document to be issued by the Tribunal of Terni but, because of Covid-19, it was closed.

So, world seemed to be completely against us: both the parties started to lose their trust, as well as to think about renouncing to the sale. The atmosphere was not the best for a negotiation.

So, what to do?

Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” was a really fascinating property with great potentialities.

One day, while admiring the charming olive trees in the garden, I thought:

I guess how many things had to go through these plants during their whole life: how many winters, rainfalls, snowfalls… to reach the present”.

In front of this, a year of our difficulties seemed almost nothing.

This was precisely what gave me the strength and patience that allowed then me to affirm:

WE CAN DO IT! We absolutely not have to give up… we have to keep on with it, and REACHING OUR GREAT OBJECTIVE!

So, even if “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” was a very problematic property and had some evident decalin signs, but we have never lost our hopes. instead, we increased our efforts: our objective was to close the negotiation.

An objective that we finally reached even if, once again, we have to agree with some compromises.

However, I want to underline that the most important element of this whole story was not to give up, giving so to Krol the possibility to purchase “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”.

Our group proved to be strong and determined: Suzanne, the GE CEO Stefano Petri, I, and the whole staff were always able to find the right solution for everything. Surely, we had to face some very critical moments during which the sensation that our work could vanish was very high.

However, thanks to the patience and perseverance of all, the cooperation of the institutions and specialists – especially lawyers Ranchino and Pamploni – we were able to conclude this adventure.

Personally, I think to have lived a strong experience… right like a winning battle, it left a mark on us!

I have to compliment myself with all the professionals who dealt with this sale, in particular notary Zorzia referring point for GEwho dealt with the final deed of sale signing and who was able to identify the right solution to positively close this sale.

The patience of the buyers was fundamental too. We were able to gain their trust thanks to the professionalism proved by the entire GE team and notary Zorzi.

Surely, during this negotiation we understood, once again, the importance of a property due diligence: it would have allowed us to face all these different problems right from the beginning, especially to avoid the risk of missing the sale.

In this regards, I would like that my tale could be taken as a warning and not just by our current vendors, but also by the future ones:


Entrust yourself to your trusted specialist to create a property due diligence: this document will guarantee you the effective saleability of your home by highlighting – in present – eventual urbanistic, cadastral, or fiscal problems that – if not promptly solved – could delay or put the sale into a risk.

By entrusting yourself to Great Estate and following our tested sale method (the GE Method) everything will start well. This will allow you to reach quickly and profitably the objective sale.

To conclude, I would underline how Great Estate proved itself to be a great professional in the field hanks to which clients were able to purchase their new home.

Today, the old and majestic olive trees – free from any dead wood, can find all their beauty and keep growing with Krol, the new owners.


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