The sale of “L’Amuleto”: our interview with Alberto Zarro, Rolling Hills

The sale of “L’Amuleto”: our interview with Alberto Zarro, Rolling Hills

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Today, we are going to interview Mr. Alberto Zarro, a professional from the GE partner agency Rolling Hills who, during the sale of “L’Amuleto” – signed on October 13th, 2020 – managed the vendors.

Welcome, Alberto. When and how did you meet the vendors of “L’Amuleto”?

I met Mr. Pavis and his wife a little before lockdown. After a visit to their property, we said goodbye with a huge mutual congeniality. The couple lived into “L’Amuleto” for about 12 years: they used it as their main home, the place where to spend their retirement.

Unfortunately, a few months later, Mr Pavis passed away. For this reason, his wife decided to totally entrust herself to us for the sale of her property. We created a great relationship of trust and respect between us.

In your opinion, which are the most interesting features of this property?

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Surely, it is a very interesting property with great charm: on-sight stone facades, a large park, and a beautiful swimming pool with a Roman staircase.

Was the property on the market with other agencies already? Which kind of cooperation did you create in regard to this sale?

Mr Pavis had entered the property on the market with other agencies already.

However, when his wife Cristina remained by herself, we became for her a true referring point. Indeed, we have then signed an exclusive assignment for sale with a marketing plan, the same it allowed us to promote the farmhouse in the best national and international portals.

Alberto, let’s talk now about the property estimate. Did you use The Best Price? Which are your comments about it?

The initial price was of about € 485,000.00, while the value suggested by The Best Price was of about € 380,000.00.

We presented our estimate to Mrs. Pavis and explained to her the need of adjusting the price to the value suggested by The Best Price in order to sell the property quickly.

So, we changed it to € 425,000.00 and – to be honest – results were reached immediately: the number of visits to the farmhouse increased, while potential buyers proved their interest in the sale.

Then.. the right clients!

Let’s talk now about the negotiation with the buyers managed by the GE consultant Suzanne Van Ravenstein. Did you have to face any particular problem from a technical-bureaucratic point of view?

During the negotiation, we did not find any important discrepancy. The buyers asked for a loan, so we just had to wait – with some days of delay – for the cadastral certificates after the transferring of ownership. However, in the complex, everything went very quickly.

As Suzanne can confirm, this was true love at first sight for the buyers, Mr. Frédéric and Thomasso.

After having finished their first visit to “L’Amuleto”, we immediately noted it! It was a very long visit: Frédéric and Thomasso talked a lot with Mrs. Pavis, and they created a great friendship relation among them.

Soon then they signed an offer of € 380,000.00: the same value suggested by our The Best Price.

Once again, a confirmation of the performances and utility of this extraordinary tool of the GE Network.

The owner accepted the offer. The moment of the signing was very touching for Mrs. Pavis: she thought about her husband and their moments spent there.

To conclude, I would like to underline how we – both my colleagues and I – are very satisfied with the objective reached: a sale done very quickly and during which both the parties have some very clear ideas!

We were able to satisfy them both by setting great teamwork up and by never losing the fundamental aspect of all: the happiness and satisfaction of our clients.

As already said, it was true love at first sight for the buyers. On the other hand, it has been really emotional to assist and support the vendor in this adventure: an adventure that, unfortunately, she had to live without her husband.

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