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Do you want your historic centre “nest” more elegant? Follow Eletta Home Staging’s suggestions

If you really desire to make unique and elegant your small or even large apartment in the historic centre, we suggest you read this article. Ilaria Peparaio, a GE real estate consultant and the Managing Director of Eletta Home Staging

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GE and Via Dei Colli: an excellent teamwork – our interview to Fabio Lima Battistini

The sale of “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” farmhouse confirms, once again, the strength of the cooperation between Great Estate and Via Dei Colli. We interviewed Fabio Lima Battistini, the Via Dei Colli team member who managed the buyers. Welcome Fabio,

Efisio Borrelli and the choosing of your loan has never been so easy

We interviewed Efisio Borrelli, the GE partner and founder of, a portal where it is possible to simulate your loan payments and ask for a feasibility opinion., a GE partner, is an IT platform through which it is


Federico Peparaio, a young architect with an exemplary curriculum, as well as a Great Estate partner, tells us about an important project realized in collaboration with the group. Well met Federico, tell us something about yourself: In 2009 I got

So far away, yet so close: China and investment in the Italian real estate

When China entered the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2001, it prompted a rapid liberalization process that changed economies worldwide. The Chinese legal system recognizes the primacy of ethics and the law as well as the absoluteness of the collective

The energy manager- A professional approach to energy effiency.A valuable resource for issues with excessive energy consumption

Anna Monini is an Energy Manager and partner with the Great Estate Group who specializes in the design and implementation of energy efficiency solutions in domestic, business and condominium use. This is a valuable resource for issues with excessive energy

New partner in Russia

Edited by CA The Mainstreet Agency,new partner of  Great Estate-Chesterton Real Estate Group Recently, the Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group has partnered up with Aleksandra Pandurova, the International Market Head of the Russian agency Mainstreet. The contact was

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