GE and Via Dei Colli: an excellent teamwork – our interview to Fabio Lima Battistini

GE and Via Dei Colli: an excellent teamwork – our interview to Fabio Lima Battistini

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The sale of “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” farmhouse confirms, once again, the strength of the cooperation between Great Estate and Via Dei Colli. We interviewed Fabio Lima Battistini, the Via Dei Colli team member who managed the buyers.

Welcome Fabio, congratulations! First of all, would you like to give us some information about the clients you managed during “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” negotiation?

The first contacts I had with the buyers were in October, 2018: the GE secretary general transmitted us their request: they asked for more information about a property managed by my agency, “Via Dei Colli Immobiliare”.

The buyers are an US couple: one is the president of an US private university, while the other is a private consultant.

Which kind of property were they looking for? And where?

They had a budget of about € 1.000.000. They were looking for a property to be personally used and to be also entered into the touristic rental market when they would have not be present in it. Their ideal searching area included both Umbria and Tuscany. Obviously, the property should have been very traditional, with a very charming view and including five bedrooms, needed for the whole family. Finally, we understood also the need of finding a property not too distant from the Rome FCO airport.

Did you ever sign officially a My Agent agreement with the clients?

Officially no, but basically, we did so. The research of their dream home went on from October to June, period in which the clients addressed themselves to us exclusively. I would like to underline how, a great part of the work done, has been done by our newsletters.

Indeed, perfectly managed by the GE secretary general, this important tool has always sent them some very “focused” proposals for a total of 60 e-mails.

Thanks to this constant sending, the clients have always been up-to-date about the proposals published on the GE websites.

Moreover, every time there was a “news” in our database, I have always asked them for a feedback in order to better understand their opinion and to answer to every specific request they could have had.

By considering many factors – as already said, the distance from Rome, location, historicity and panorama –, this brought us to define a definitive list of 10 properties.

At the end, we selected just three of them: “Il Colle Degli Arcieri” was the buyers’ favourite one (discover the property here).

First of all, it was because of its incredible 360° view on the surroundings, simply amazing. Moreover, its position is great too: indeed, the farmhouse could be easily reached from the E45 highway. Todi is less than 20 minutes from the house, while Rome about an hour and a half.

Finally, the property has been perfectly renovated: its ex-owners gave it that elegant and historic touch, the same that makes it result unique and beautiful.

How will the clients use their new property?

In the short term, they will keep cooperating with a local tour operator and try to use the house for a few weeks/year. In the future, their intention is the one of enjoy their home for many months/year.

To conclude Fabio, what do you think about this negotiation?

The negotiation was very rapid, but quite difficult because of the company-shares-transferring that we had to manage. The time we had to arrange everything was very short: indeed, between the purchase offer and the final deed of sale passed just 40 days. Moreover, two technical reports were needed: a technical and an economic/commercial one, both done by two external specialists and translated into English.

Anyway, the flexibility and willingness of the two parties, together with the excellent teamwork done by Great Estate and Via Dei Colli – in the persons of Stefano Petri and Stefano Calafà –, have surely supported the positive conclusion of this negotiation.

Fabio Lima Battistini

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