The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful	farmhouse in San Casciano dei Bagni.Interview with Elisa Biglia who oversaw the sale of the farmhouse in Tuscany.

The Great Estate Group sells a beautiful farmhouse in San Casciano dei Bagni.Interview with Elisa Biglia who oversaw the sale of the farmhouse in Tuscany.

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The Great Estate Group achieved another goal by selling a beautiful farmhouse in the Siena area in Tuscany.

Today we interview Elisa Biglia, who handled the sale on behalf of the sellers:

Could you tell us how the clients were persuaded to entrust the sale to you and to the Great Estate Group?

The owners of this beautiful armhouse in Tuscany are British and live in London. Through word of mouth they were recommended to us by some friends who had already used the Great Estate Group and had been impressed with our dynamic approach and international profile in the world of real estate. The clients therefore entrusted the exclusive sale of their farmhouse thanks to our professionalism and international visibility.

You advertised the property internationally and achieved a relatively fast turnaround. What do you think the main reasons were for this result?

Paying great attention to the needs of each client, professionalism and transparency are the essential values of our agency. Each property we acquire is objectively evaluated by our professionals. In this case, however, despite our own realistic assessment that was close to the final sale price the clients insisted on a higher sale price.

The results at first were not very satisfactory which tended to confirm our own initial evaluation. Thanks, however, to our online software statistics we were able to demonstrate that potential buyers were not responding positively to the property. This led to adjustments being made to better meet the economic demand and coupled with extensive international marketing the property was sold within a few months. Today’s market is constantly changing and prices must be flexible to adjust to the realities of the current market. In a market that is not too buoyant a high price can make a property very unattractive.

You sold the farmhouse to Russians clients. All of us think that Russian clients are purchasing mainly luxury real estate. Why do you believe these clients chose to buy this farmhouse?

For some time now we have noticed that there are an increasing number of Russian clients, particularly Muscovites, who love to travel and are beginning to understand the true essence of Italy and especially Tuscany with its landscapes, culture, fine wines and food that are the envy of the world. The real luxury for them now is not so much the ostentation and pomp but devoting themselves to their family and living the dream which is to “feel a little ‘Italian’.

What was it like working with Natalie who handled the sale on behalf of the buyers?

Natalie is a young colleague who works with grit and determination and worked with the Moscow buyers with great tenacity and professionalism. This established an excellent relationship based on trust. In fact, over an above all the work that is necessary to conclude any negotiation, increasingly foreign clients are looking for post-sale support. This is important work and can range from managing paperwork to signposting services for renovation work. This is a commitment that the Great Estate Group can readily deliver thanks to the long standing collaborative support of various partners and professionals.

What, in general, can people expect when they work with the Great Estate Group?

A group of professional consultants who are dedicated to working together to achieve the common goals of client satisfaction and expanding the Group.

What would you say to those who cannot sell their farmhouse in the San Casciano dei Bagni area?

You can rely on our Real Estate Group to maximize all the marketing tools that are at our disposal to ensure that clients and partners achieve their goal of a good sale at the right time. Finally we have a great depth of negotiating experience with professionals including prestigious lawyers and banks. This allows our Great Estate professionals to shift gear when concluding negotiations that initially may seem like a mountain to climb!

Edited by Valentina Fabbrizzi and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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