The managing of the German market in Great Estate: Riccardo Luculli

The managing of the German market in Great Estate: Riccardo Luculli

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After Nadia Aron, today we are going to meet the other person in charge of the GE German market: Riccardo Luculli.

My story in the real estate – both personal and professional – started when I was just a child. My dad owned a construction company, so I can really affirm to have grown up among stones, bricks, and wood. Old master builder and ancient materials are part of my way of being.

My innate and insatiable curiosity made traveling, meeting new people and culture became one of my main desires. I lived in Germany, I stayed for some time in France, the UK, and US.

I took a degree in political science and economics at the University of Siena, as well as a master’s degree in Real Estate and Building Management at the University of Rome.

So, let’s say it was inevitable that my working life would be rich in “buildings” and international relationships.

During the time, I created many companies, all concerning the Real Estate field. Moreover, I have also been the person in charge of F.I.A.I.P. Italy.

Finally, together with Nadia, we improved our activities between Italy and Germany through the creation of “Italia Immobilien”.

I also deal with real estate consultancies with the Texas company “Capstone”, and I am the owner of “Romanas”, even if my core business is the Project Manager for international buyers.

Currently, I am working on many renovation projects that vary from the creation of a new swimming pool in a property to the renovation/restoration of some historic buildings.

But, to date, my hardest and most beautiful task is being the dad of five children!

Riccardo Luculli

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