The persons in charge of the German real estate market of GE: Nadia Aron

The persons in charge of the German real estate market of GE: Nadia Aron

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Let’s get to know better the people in charge of the buyers’ real estate market of Great Estate: Nadia Aron and her agency “Italia Immobilien”.

Today, we are going to meet Nadia Aron who is going to tell us her professional and personal story: from the moment she arrived in Italy to the realization of the project Italia Immobilien.

In 2008, I decided to change my life and start to do what I really desired: learning Italian.

For this reason, I chose the Università per Stranieri in Perugia, a university boasting a rich tradition that has been developed with Germany too.

Once I started my studies, I thought it was time to find a job that could make me have some extra money. And this is how I came into Tuoro Sul Trasimeno.

Here I met Riccardo Luculli and I started to take my first steps also into the Italian real estate sector. I said “also” because, in Germany, I have always experienced this reality: my dad works precisely in this field.

Riccardo owned a great experience in this sector and, probably, the fact that he had worked in Germany allowed the creation of a true affinity, both from a professional and personal point of view.

Then, I decided to create my personal agency in Germany: “ADvice ADhoc”. As I always say, it should have represented a kind of right hand for all that German clientele willing to invest in Italy.

Things went well. Indeed, in 2017, my agency turned into a limited company. This allowed me to offer more guarantees to my clients too.

I am the CEO of this company, where we created a specific sector addressed to the Italian real estate. Its name? “Italia Immobilien, which literally means Italy Properties.

The Core Business of our company responds not just to the selling and purchasing of properties, but it is a true 360° service addressed to an international clientele in Italy.

We assist all our clients during all the phases of purchase and/or sale: before, during, and after.

Our consultancy starts from the research and comparison of different properties – including the ones of other agencies –, to the sending of information about the main laws concerning this king of trade in Italy and the consequent comparing with the German ones, the check on the papers of the properties selected, and the visit to that properties. During the visits, Riccardo is present too: he comes from a construction company and related university studies. Moreover, during the visits, there are also several specialists with us: engineer, architect, and surveyor.

We also assist our clients in the opening of their Italian bank accounts and by suggesting some real estate insurances. We also deal with the sending of the costs-estimates to the clients who are willing to modernize or renovate a property. In this case, we will carry out the whole project.

So, if we would sum up the speech… WE ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR OUR CLIENTS, including for those needs that are not strictly connected with the property itself.

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