Great Estate on-line: we are going to introduce you Engine Lab

Great Estate on-line: we are going to introduce you Engine Lab

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Today, we would like to introduce to you the company that, for more than 3 years now, has been developing the on-line presence, web marketing, and social media marketing of the GE Network: Engine Lab. Let’s start with its founder and CEO, Mr. Roberto Pizzinelli.

Welcome, Roberto. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

My name is Roberto Pizzinelli. I am an entrepreneur, a web-marketing teacher, a husband, and the dad of two beautiful children. I have a cat and I deeply love my work.

Since 1998, I have been dealing with Web Marketing and Communication. However, I have to admit that, when I started, I was not focused on becoming what I am now. At that time, indeed, I was the first not to have a precise idea of what web marketing was: it was not so well known at that time.

Moreover, I would have never thought that one day, Google would have nominated me as Emea Google Ambassador, published two interviews, and reserved a flight for me to Dublin, where the EU head office strands… but life is good for that too!

During the years, I had the luck to start an intensive path and to travel for important IT agencies, learning so the rules of WORLDWIDE WEB from its evolutions to, as a consequence, the way its use has changed.

I dealt with several projects and exigencies: from the creation of websites (sometimes easy, other times very complex), to e-commerce and loyalty marketing projects. I did some content management, web-usability, CRM, Advertising, SEO activities for companies that vary from the real estate to the automotive, retail, and travel sectors. In this way, I discovered how, even if sectors are different, some dynamics are very similar.

I met many people, many professionals and, from many of them, I learned new important things.

These experiences allowed me to acquire a huge knowledge, something I like to define “a framing picture”: a great advantage that needs to be completed with a specialisation.

Today, Web is a perfect mix of technical and marketing aspects. In my opinion, this is the hardest and most beautiful part of this job. I like to consider web marketing as an artistic discipline!

Approaching the Web Marketing as a simple technical matter depending on the tools to be used is like projecting a house while looking just at its solidity but without considering the use we would do of it, its comfort and beauty.

And let’s talk now about Engine Lab, a company that, among everything, deals with the Social Media Marketing of the Great Estate Network too. Which is the background of your company? What do you deal with? How has it developed in the years?

Engine Lab was created in 1998, while I was working as managing director for another company. Then, during the time, it has increased, becoming so my first activity. Under it, I reunited a team of professionals who love their work, understanding that our sector is as an ever-growing one: it is necessary to follow all the trends, as well as to innovate themselves every time possible.

The prices obtained by our clients and partners are – for us – the signal that we are following the right direction; the same reason that motivates us to always do our best.

Our efforts towards perfection made us increase – project after project, challenge after challenge – becoming every day more referenced: the client who contacts us now is willing to do so because he/she already knows who we are and how we work.

Today, in addition to our office in Bologna (which has been recently renovated and enlarged), we can boast other offices both in Rome and Trapani, as well as clients who come from Cortina, Milan, Turin, Sanremo, Pantelleria, or international experiences with English, Czech, Tanzanian, Argentine, Cuban and others clients.

Our staff is increasing with new co-operators. Often, those are young people who are willing to learn the secrets of the web and to support the companies with their presence of the net.

I am the CEO of Engine Lab, as well as the person who estimates every project, takes care of its analysis – in cooperation with all our professionals – and developments: the so-called Project Manager.

My indexing specialisation imposes constant attention not just during the project production phases, but – thanks to monitoring software, a great young team, and a strong will to learn new things – during its whole life.

When did your cooperation with the Great Estate Network start? What do you think about “your future together”?

The cooperation with Great Estate started almost by chance, but it has immediately caught the attention of all of us.

We often have to take some really hard and high-risk decisions, but we never hesitate to do so. I think that we have to be the first to take responsibility for our work.

Today, those choices have also helped Great Estate to position itself in the market as it deserves: among the first ten international Real Estate leaders list. This was possible thanks to both the great work done by the whole GE team and the constant growth its CEO, Stefano Petri, is aiming to.

The one between Engine Lab and Great Estate is now a 4-years relationship that I hope to maintain in the future.

Great Estate works in a very competitive, complex a changeable sector, so they never have to let their guard down. I am sure that the activities and investments done will bring the agency to increase and need a direct, dynamic, and efficient communication.

Our work will be the one to keep supporting Great Estate in this path. During these days too, we are doing some important actions – already scheduled – in order to enlarge the agency range of actions and targets.

This will bring further visibility to the website and a constant increase in the number of visitors, something that has never stopped during the last years.

I am sure that we will have many other satisfactions to talk about in the future.

Roberto Pizzinelli

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