Great Estate Network and Italia Immobilien: a winning cooperation

Great Estate Network and Italia Immobilien: a winning cooperation

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The reflections of Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron about the winning cooperation between Italia Immobilien and the Great Estate Network: the results achieved and the next projects.

The meeting with Stefano Petri and his Network has been surely one of the most satisfying – both professionally and personally –  I have ever had.

Fondness, confidence, and huge professionalism is what Nadia and I have immediately perceived during our first meeting with Stefano.

After that moment, the union of our different qualities and professionalism – with the aim of replying to the German buyers’ demand – has been something… how can we say… “very rapid”. That union has been created after a few and linear reflections.

To date, results are giving us reason!

Regarding this, I would like to remember you about the sales of “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” in 2019, and the ones of “Villa Smeraldo” and “La Terrazza”, signed on May 2020.

Even if we are not a brand with tons of real estate agents around the World, in a very short period and, especially, as we were able to make our managing systems in Italy and Germany becoming more performing, our synergy has become one of the main referring points for the German, Swiss, and Austrian clientele for the purchasing of luxurious properties in Italy.

But it is not all: the ability to offer to the client a 360° service made that his/her loyalty, as well as his word of mouth, allowed us to reach an unexpected and very appreciated success.

The future will surely commit us on different fronts: finding properties that may match with the needs and featured required by our German friends, increasing our presence in the communication, and, above all, the post-sale services, something very useful for our clients during the first period after the purchase.

We are sure that with humility, sacrifice, and passion we will be finally able to realize the desire on many friends coming from the North of Europe: the one of purchasing a charming property in our country!

Nadia Aron and Riccardo Luculli

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