Web activities connected to the GE brand: the team of Engine Lab

Web activities connected to the GE brand: the team of Engine Lab

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After our interview with Roberto Pizzinelli, the founder and CEO of Engine Lab – the company responsible for the social media marketing of the Great Estate Network – today we are going to meet some members of its team. These people, in different ways, play a role in the web activities connected to the GE brand.


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Hi! My name is Ilaria Pontone. I come from Turin, but life brought me to discover and stop myself in Bologna, where I studied and created my career. I had an artistic education path. I graduated at Accademia Delle Belle Arti in Bologna, with a specialization in photography. I am qualified to teach both sculpture and painting disciplines.

I am a partner of Engine Lab and the manager of StileDigitale, a photographic agency owned by Engine Lab and created in 2008: we are specialized in advertising photography for companies, hotels, locations, and, more in general, for the whole business world.

Regarding my position in the company, I deal with the image and photos of our projects.

Working in Engine Lab is very interesting and motivational. All our projects make you improve, both from a personal and professional point of view. Moreover, the fact of having clients from all over the world allows us to do always new experiences.

Talking about the social media marketing of the Great Estate Network, if needed, I deal with the graphics for the printed and other informative materials.


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I am Silvia Basso, and I deal with social media marketing and press office. I graduated in Public and Social Communication at the University of Bologna. I also had an important experience in Paris: I studied for a year at the Paris Descartes – Sorbonne University.

After my first stage-experiences in 2007, in 2011 I started working in the communication field with an important communication company in Bologna. I specialized in the tourism, sport and product communication sectors. Since 2014, I have been working as a freelancer for many companies, very different among each other.

My cooperation with Engine Lab started in 2014 and, right from the first moment, I immediately felt good while working with Roberto and Ilaria, as well as with the rest of the team.

In Engine Lab I deal with the coordination of the social division, together with my colleague Chiara. We deal with everything concerning the social communication of Engine Lab clients, from the presentation to the first analysis and editorial plans, from the content production to the daily managing of the channels, from the reporting to the social advertising managing.

Regarding the social media marketing activities for the Great Estate Network, I manage the coordination of the social media from an editorial point of view, as well as all the ADS social campaigns. Moreover, I also support Chiara Peppicelli, the person in charge of the on-line Magazine of Great Estate, for the production of the contents and, if necessary, in their writing or revision as well.


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My name is Chiara and I am a Freelancer Social Media Manager. My education, as well as my first important jobs, concerns the managing of relevant events. Later, for several years now, I have been dealing with local, touristic, and business marketing.

The passion for interpersonal communication inspires me constantly. Today, communication moves through social media. For this reason, they can become an accessible tool for all. I discovered Engine Lab thanks to the company with which I gained my specialization. It had already cooperated with Engine Lab for some stages. After a first interview, we decided to cooperate.

In Engine Lab, I deal with social media: the creation of editorial and communication plans, content drafting (both in Italian and English), photo editing for posts, campaigns, and everything needed to create the right social communication for every and each company. All of this is done in cooperation with my colleague Silvia! Some weeks ago, I celebrated my first year of work in this company! I feel good in here; the environment is attractive and positive. I love challenging myself, and here this is really possible!

Talking about the social media marketing of the Great Estate Network, I deal with the direct managing of the several social channels of the Network itself.


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I am Gabriele and I am a system administrator/programmer. I studied IT and attended some sectorial specialization courses. I discovered Engine Lab because it was the company of an e-commerce software provider of mine. I have been cooperating with Engine Lab since 2013. I deal with all the technical aspects of the company, the ones addressed both to the internal needs and clients, as well as with web development and programming. I feel at ease!

Talking about my work and the Great Estate Network, I deal with the technical aspects of its on-line Magazine.

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