Valter Luciani and the sale of “Antica Checchera”: Great Estate will become even stronger

Valter Luciani and the sale of “Antica Checchera”: Great Estate will become even stronger

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Some days ago, Alice Ceccomoro told us about her impressions on the sale of “Antica Checchera”, a negotiation that took place during the Coronavirus emergency. Today, you are going to discover Valter Luciani’s point of view: the GE consultant who, in cooperation with the colleague Roberto Biggera, managed the vendors.

Welcome, Valter. Congratulations on the sale of “Antica Checchera”, officialised on June, 18th 2020. First of all, would you like to tell us something about the vendors of this property?

I met the vendors of “Antica Checchera” about a year ago, and together with my colleague Roberto Biggera: it has been a pleasant meeting that allowed us to create a great relationship with each other.

They are a couple: the husband comes from Rome, while the wife is US. Being both in love with Italy and its charming hamlets, they decide to purchase the property in 2005. “Antica Checchera” needed some renovation, a project done and realized by Studio Tecnico Associato Rocchini Terziani.

The owners used to use this home as their holiday estate. Indeed, “Antica Checchera”, comfortable and airy, was used to host the whole family of the sellers. For many years, it represented the ideal place where to spend a holiday in the countryside, in the name of tranquillity and relax.

Which kind of professional relationship did you create with the sellers?

The owners decided to sign an exclusive assignment for sale with Great Estate. Indeed, precisely for the trust that the clients gave us and our services – services that many agencies do not offer – we agreed for an exclusive assignment for sale with a specific marketing plan. This had allowed us to realize a great photo shooting, as well as to create a very specific advertising plan for the property. This contributed to the sale of the house.

Let’s talk now about the property estimate. Did you use “The Best Price”, the incredible estimating software of Great Estate? What do you think about it?

Sure! Precisely because I wanted to provide the most objective value of the property to its owners. After a very detailed market analysis, the vendors were finally able to take the right decision on the property asking price too.

Talking instead about this charming farmhouse purchased by a US client. In your opinion, which are the strengths of “Antica Checchera”?

I think that the first strength of “Antica Checchera” is surely its renovation: the final results of the works respected and valorised the traditional features of the farmhouse by giving it a modern touch (discover it here). So, a great work of surveyor Rocchini and architect Terziani who, as always, proved themselves to be a great technical study.

Being almost at the end of our interview, Valter, what do you think about the negotiation of “Antica Checchera”?

During this hard period characterized by so particular moments when the world has been – and still is – suffering of the consequences of the Covid-19 emergency, it was surely not so easy and predictable to create a solid negotiation.

Even if the buyer, managed by my colleague Alice, was very interested in the farmhouse while the vendor to sell, at a certain moment both had some doubts, alternating so ups and downs, as well as the perplexity and uncertainties, all caused by the emergency situation we are living.

However, no one of us has never given up and, in the end, thanks to the patience and professionalism of Alice, as well as to the support of the colleague Roberto Biggera and the GE CEO Stefano Petri, we were finally able to create strong synergy.

This gave us a strong trust in everybody, by fighting and demolishing, with optimism and professionalism, the barrier that was emerging: we were able to open a window on the world!

Distances have been cut down thanks to technology and the possibility of virtually communicate with parties..until reaching the objective.

Rationality and the trust in investing in Italy of the buyers, as well as the objective argumentations that, thanks to our online statistics, we could provide to the vendors with were fundamental. The sellers, by congratulating themselves with our agency, understood the reason of the purchase offer and accepted it.

Despite the fact that the world seemed to be crumbling, Great Estate was able to handle it.

Personally, I am sure that, in the future, our Group will become even more strong: this negotiation, as well as the others during the Coronavirus emergency, has, once again, proved it.

Valter Luciani

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