The most beautiful cities on the Bolsena Lake – what to visit

The most beautiful cities on the Bolsena Lake – what to visit

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If you decided to spend your holiday at the Bolsena Lake, do not miss the occasion to visit the cities around it, full of history and culture. Today, we are going to do a tour of the towns surrounding the Bolsena Lake:


Civita Di Bagnoregio, called “the dying city” by the poet Buonaventura Tecchi because of its position: on the top of hill composed of tuff and clay in erosion. From the driveway, it is possible to start to admire its beauty. The ancient town cathedral conserves a 12thcentury copy of the Bible, probably owned by St. Bonaventura, the saint to who was addressed the church near this cathedral.


This small fisherman village is always lived during summer both because its beaches and small port. Very characteristic is the panoramic Torre Dell’Orologio, the Reinassence palace near the City Hall or the Madonna Del Monte sacred place. If you are going to visit Marta, taste its lake fish and the DOC local red wine, Cannaiola.


A small town overlooking the lake, rich of natural and historic beauties as the Bisanzio Mountain park, an original Palaeolithic ship into the cultural centre “Vittorio Fanelli” and the Historic and Religious Museum. From here, it is possible to reach the Bisentina Island or visit the underwater Nativity scene in via della Rocca.


The city giving its name to the lake is famous as the “Eucharistic miracle city”, the one which originated the Corpus Domini. History tells that, in 1263, a broken host bled. Pope Urban IV considered it as a miracle and, the following year, the Corpus Domini celebration was created. The Santa Cristina catacombs and Cozza Crispo palace with its frescos have to be visited too. Thanks to its different B&B, hotels and camping grounds it becomes a good summer destination. Here, many water sports as rowing, windsurf, sailing and water skiing can be practiced. 

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