The sale of “La Casa Del Cocchiere”: Filippo Cori tells …

The sale of “La Casa Del Cocchiere”: Filippo Cori tells …

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Filippo Cori, the GE consultant who managed the buyers of “La Casa Del Cocchiere“, tells us about the first success achieved with our group’s new partner agency, Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate.

– Welcome Filippo. What can you tell us about the clients who purchased “La Casa Del Cocchiere”?

They are a couple who have lived in Finland for many years, although they are American citizens. The first contact with them dates back to December 2020: Alex and Nadia had sent a specific request for more information about an apartment in Todi through the international portal Italian Houses For Sale. A few days later, we organised a video call to try to share their needs as best we could. They were very purchase-focused clients who were planning to spend some time in Italy with the purpose of buying a property.

– What kind of property were they looking for? And in which areas?

They were looking for an apartment in the historical centre of a town/city in central Italy, which offered easy access on foot to restaurants, cafés and other venues. The property had to have typical and possibly historical features (such as exposed beams and stone walls) and be more or less “turnkey“, as they were only willing to do minor work. Together, we visited about 20 properties, in 5 different locations.

– Why did your customers finally decide to buy “La Casa Del Cocchiere”?

Because it has all the features they were looking for: two bedrooms with two large bathrooms, as well as an outdoor space, which is always appreciated for a property located in a historic centre and even more so in this particular case, since there is also an oven/barbecue area. In addition, “La Casa Del Cocchiere” presents a very recent renovation (2019), made with high-quality materials, but that has not altered the historicity. Finally, this house offers the great advantage of being totally independent and easily accessible.

– How will they exploit their new ownership in the future?

For the time being, their intention is to use it as continuously as possible; later on, they intend to make it their permanent residence.

Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

We had already made an offer for another apartment two weeks before the agreement. However, the offer was unsuccessful, as the owners had accepted another offer at the same time only a few hours before.

However, “La Casa Del Cocchiere” had always been in “our” thoughts: we had visited it at the beginning of our research journey and it had become a sort of “touchstone” compared to all the other properties.

In the end, the decision to “return” to this property was almost forced: we realised that, within the price range and area of interest of Alex and Nadia, objectively we could not have found better in terms of quality and habitability.

From a technical and bureaucratic point of view, we did not encounter any difficulties, as Giovanni provided us with all the latest property documentation in record time.
This allowed us to arrive at the second visit with the draft purchase proposal “in our pocket”, and to be able to present it to the sellers immediately after the inspection had confirmed the buyers’ intention to go ahead with the negotiations.

In short, it was possible to achieve the goal quickly because we had already organised preparatory work with Giovanni beforehand.

– In conclusion Filippo … Are you satisfied with this result? For what reasons?

I am very satisfied for several reasons.

  • Firstly, for repaying the trust of the clients who had entrusted me with a Property Finder assignment.
  • Secondly, because I believe that Alex and Nadia have chosen the best property in terms of cost-effectiveness.
  • Finally, I believe that in this case – and this is not to be taken for granted – all parties involved were satisfied with this sale: a sale which, in my opinion, can represent the beginning of a good friendship between the new owners and the sellers, who live nearby.

I would also like to thank Giovanni from Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate, the new partner agency of our network, who has always guided us in the real estate market of the Cortona area from the very beginning: an area where, thanks to the new partnership with Great Estate, we will certainly be able to develop a continuous and profitable collaboration.

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