“La Casa Del Cocchiere”: first, brilliant success of the Great Estate&Alunno Immobiliare partnership

“La Casa Del Cocchiere”: first, brilliant success of the Great Estate&Alunno Immobiliare partnership

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The GE Network celebrates the arrival of the spring with the brilliant sale of “La Casa Del Cocchiere”, the result of the recent entry into our group of the partner agency Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate: the first of many future successes.

Spring blossoms at Great Estate with the sale of the lovely property known as “La Casa Del Cocchiere”, the first brilliant success of the Great Estate&Alunno Immobiliare partnership.

This residence is located in the characteristic historical centre of Castiglion Fiorentino, a historic village between Cortona and Arezzo that boasts ancient origins, having been inhabited first in Etruscan and then Roman times.

La Casa Del Cocchiereis an ancient residence dating back to 1700.
Its recent renovation has been achieved by blending the charm of the old with a touch of sparkling modernity. The result?

An enchanting residence, with attention to detail, all comforts, and a delightful outdoor courtyard.

Right on the cusp of spring, this property was sold to a couple from Finland.

This sale represents the first, very important result of the recent entry into the GE Network of a new partner agency: Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate.

We met up with Giovanni Alunno (owner, together with his father, of the agency of the same name), who managed the vendors, to get his impressions of this success.

– Welcome Giovanni, and congratulations on the sale of “La Casa Del Cocchiere”, surely the first in a long series as a partner in our network!
Let’s start with the selling customers: what can you tell us about them.

I met them about a year and a half ago, in the late summer of 2019. They came to me on the advice of some of their friends who knew my agency. They were an American couple who had been living in Tuscany for some time and had purchased “La Casa Del Cocchiere” in 2019.
Shortly after the purchase, they decided to renovate it. However, they have never lived in this house: they now live in a fantastic penthouse, much larger than “La Casa Del Cocchiere”, also located in Castiglion Fiorentino.

– When did you acquire the property? And what kind of collaboration did you establish?

I acquired the property in September 2020: it is one of the very few that I have managed with a non-exclusive mandate, as the clients had already entrusted the sale to another agency in Cortona.

– What do you think are the key features of “La Casa Del Cocchiere”?

Undoubtedly, the style of its renovation, typically Tuscan, as well as the presence outside of a garden/courtyard. Moreover, one of its most important qualities is its location, since it is situated right in the historic centre of the characteristic village of Castiglion Fiorentino, and a short distance from the well-known town of Cortona.

– Are we talking about property valuation? What are your comments on that?

Right from the start of the collaboration, our valuation of the property was perfectly in line with what turned out to be the actual sale price.

This is why no adjustment of the asking price was necessary over time: we started off on the right foot!
This is crucial: identifying the right value of a property and adjusting the asking price accordingly is the first, indispensable step towards achieving the best possible result quickly.

– Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

I had the honour of managing the negotiation together with my colleague Filippo Cori of Great Estate, a group that today certainly represents one of the most important realities in the Italian Real Estate panorama of prestigious properties.

As is our long-standing practice, when we acquire a property we always endeavor to obtain all the documentation (technical, urban planning, and legal) of the property.
And this is exactly what we have done for “La Casa Del Cocchiere”.

This is a decisive step, both in order not to create doubts in our buyer clients and to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delays: situations that could potentially jeopardise the success of the negotiations and, therefore, the success of the sale.

– Are you satisfied with the result? For what reasons?

I am very satisfied! Together with Filippo, we managed to get the parties to come to an ideal agreement, based on what turned out to be the right price for the property.

– Giovanni, this was your first sale as a Great Estate Network partner: thinking ahead, what do you imagine will be the pluses you will enjoy as part of the great Great Estate world?

The power of the media and the high level of professionalism of the Great Estate Network, combined with the widespread presence in the area and the professionalism of the Alunno Immobiliare agency, will give life to a truly unique and vigorous adventure, which will soon be talked about …

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