Fabio Lima and “Il Perugino”: a result achieved with tenacity and commitment

Fabio Lima and “Il Perugino”: a result achieved with tenacity and commitment

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In the sale of the farmhouse named “Il Perugino”, Fabio Lima Battistini, a professional of “Via Dei Colli”, a Great Estate Network partner agency, managed the buyers. The story of his experience.


The clients who bought “Il Perugino” are a couple from Düsseldorf.
About a year ago they contacted our partner agency, Via Dei Colli, by e-mail, after having identified us through Idealista which, among others, advertised a property near Umbertide.

Initially, they were looking for a farmhouse overlooking Lake Trasimeno. However, since they could not find any solution to their liking, we decided to extend the search to other areas of Umbria, and not only … we ended up visiting farmhouses in the Marche.

Together we saw about twenty properties. In addition, I personally organised some virtual tours, recording videos beforehand and sending them to the clients for a prior assessment.


Il Perugino” was the last property we visited, before the final decision. The house has an excellent interior layout, with a large, open, bright living room and a postcard view.

And it was precisely these characteristics – the brightness of the house, the beauty of the panorama, the well-designed spaces, and the elegance of the interiors – that most impressed the clients.

In addition, the proximity to the centre of Perugia and the main communication routes was definitely a plus.

In fact, despite being in the middle of the countryside, “Il Perugino” is less than 10 minutes from the E45 super road, which connects Umbria and central Italy.

The clients will move to Italy and take an active part in the cultural life of the Bel Paese.


“Il Perugino” was the last property my clients would visit in Italy. In fact, after several months of searching and two unsuccessful offers, they were no longer convinced of finding their ideal place.

As soon as the first visit to the farmhouse was over, the buyers convinced themselves quite quickly and asked me to submit a fair offer for the property.

We then made some considerations about the location, about some work to improve the property and the potential of the farmhouse, and together we established the starting offer.

In less than a day, with the collaboration of Tommaso Liscaio, the seller’s consultant, and Stefano Calafá – my colleague and the owner of Via Dei Colli – we prepared the text of the purchase proposal in Italian and English. With the consent of the buyers, we then organized a meeting with the seller, Mr Arcudi, in which we explained to him the validity of the offer and with whom we subsequently negotiated a number of aspects.

Basically, Mr. Arcudi immediately accepted the offer: of course, as just mentioned, there were some aspects to be smoothed out but, in practice, both the selling and the buying parties agreed almost immediately.

It must be said that it took a long time because part of the land did not correspond exactly to the artificial boundaries of the property. Therefore, we had to organize an exchange with the selling party and the neighbor, to map the private road and to establish certain easements on some of the other parties’ plots.

At this juncture, the support received from the seller’s technician and from notary Migliori was fundamental, as well as, above all, the willingness of the seller and the understanding of the buyers, who patiently and confidently waited for us to do our work.

During the time between the acceptance of the purchase proposal and the signing of the deed, I established and maintained constant communication with the new owners of “Il Perugino“, in order to put them in touch with a vast network of local suppliers and craftsmen.

Thanks to this, my relationship with them has changed from professional to friendly, always based on trust and mutual knowledge created during the period of research, negotiation, and definition of the sale contract (our collaboration began in May 2020 and ended last February with the signing of the deed). To this day, I am still in charge of coordinating the various craftsmen and I hear from clients regularly.


In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that I am very satisfied with this sale because it was a result achieved with tenacity and considerable effort.

I am happy because the new owners are a beautiful couple who dreamed of living in Italy and integrating into the local cultural life, specifically in Perugia: I was part of the realization of this project of theirs!

For me, their arrival in Umbria confirms a firm conviction of mine:
living in Umbria means living in one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, with a unique human dimension, rich in history, art, and enchanting landscapes.


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