Tommaso Liscaio and the sale of ‘Il Perugino’: a very important strategy followed with extreme attention

Tommaso Liscaio and the sale of ‘Il Perugino’: a very important strategy followed with extreme attention

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Do you remember our article about the sale of the fantastic farmhouse “Il Perugino”, the result of the collaboration between Great Estate and Via Dei Colli, one of the partner agencies of our Network?
Today for you the interview with Tommaso Liscaio, the GE consultant who managed the vendors.

Welcome Tommaso: would you like to tell us under which circumstances you met the seller?

I still remember that Mr. Nilo Arcudi contacted our head office one morning in August 2018. About three years earlier, he had purchased a ruin with land near Perugia and started its renovation. I also remember that, on the occasion of my first visit to the property, the farmhouse was in a rough state, and therefore without doors, windows, etc.

However, the aspect that struck me the most was its location: unique and spectacular.
In fact, the farmhouse is immersed in unspoiled nature but, at the same time, in the immediate vicinity of the city of Perugia, and therefore within walking distance of all its amenities.

Shortly afterward, despite the fact that he had been contacted several times by other agencies over the years, Mr. Arcudi decided to work with us by sharing an exclusive assignment for sale with our group, which remained so throughout the three years of collaboration.

– Tommaso, the fact that “Il Perugino” was in an unfinished state made it unattractive to the buyer’s market: today the majority of buyers, both Italian and international, prefer to buy properties that have already been completely renovated.
Considering this situation, what strategies did you think to adopt and propose to Mr. Arcudi in order to make his property attractive, and therefore sellable?

Basically, we advised the seller to carry out all those measures and works that, once completed, would make the property absolutely in line with the requirements of our potential buyers.

In particular:

  • the construction of the swimming pool;
  • a more accurate and pleasant structuring of the park;
  • the removal of a light pole located within the property;
  • the creation of a better interior layout than the one the seller had designed and, of course, an eye-catching layout of the house through home staging: a service that Mr. Arcudi greatly appreciated.

The staging of the farmhouse was carried out by “Eletta Home Staging” (our group’s service partner): in particular by its owner, Ilaria Peparaio, who is also one of the Great Estate group’s longest-serving property consultants.

Ilaria met Mr. Nilo about 6 months after I had acquired “Il Perugino”. An excellent relationship was immediately established between them, so much so that, after reaching a quick business agreement, Nilo decided to give Ilaria carte blanche.

In a very short space of time, Ilaria created a splendid setting for a farmhouse of about 400 square meters…. quite a demanding job!

– Let’s talk about property estimate: what do you want to tell us about that?

As far as the estimate is concerned, we followed a precise strategy from the first day to the last one, and obtained the maximum possible. For his part, the seller always felt it was important to present the property at its best and at the right price.

However, at first, we decided to market it with an asking price significantly higher than its fair market value, which I had obtained through our valuation software The Best Price.

However, after becoming aware of the declining interest shown by the buying market in “Il Perugino”, we intervened with the strategies and expedients I mentioned earlier, together with an adjustment of the asking price of the property to the value released by our TBP.

– Would you like to tell us how the negotiation took place?

I can say that it was a very very quick and relatively easy negotiation.
The buyers, managed by my colleague Fabio Lima Battistini of our partner agency “Via Dei Colli”, visited the house for the first time around mid-September 2020 and, immediately afterwards, they decided to submit a purchase proposal.

As we already had all the relevant documentation, we were able to reach an agreement within two days, both from a financial point of view and with regards to the timeframe for making the purchase official.

We only had to deal with a few minor problems with the land, as the land had been incorrectly divided up in the past.

In this regard, I would like to thank my friends and colleagues at our partner agency “Via Dei Colli” for handling the buying process so professionally, as always!

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am particularly satisfied with this sale!
During the three years of collaboration with Mr. Arcudi, we have been on a very important path, where all aspects have been followed with extreme care. Nilo has always shown great confidence in us.

Considering all this, it was definitely exciting to achieve a very satisfying result for all involved in this experience.


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