Winning strategies for the sale of “Il Perugino”: Home Staging

Winning strategies for the sale of “Il Perugino”: Home Staging

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One of the winning strategies for the sale of “Il Perugino” was undoubtedly that aimed at enhancing the value of the property, the Home Staging.
Ilaria Peparaio, owner of Eletta Home Staging and real estate consultant for the Great Estate group, tells us about the project she designed and implemented for this property.

The Home Staging intervention that I designed and carried out for “Il Perugino” was born as a strategy to enhance the value of the property with a view to its sale, and was subsequently developed following the preparation of the property with a view to its inclusion in the prestigious tourist rental circuit, an inclusion that has always gone hand in hand with the sale of the farmhouse.

When I met Mr Arcudi at the beginning of 2019, his farmhouse was completely empty, freshly renovated and lacking a defined identity, even on the outside, as both the pergola and the pool were missing.

In this first phase, I carried out a study of the rooms and their correct reading, then proceeded to define all the elements to be included.

Mr Arcudi said he had total confidence in me and in the project I presented to him.

The latter involved fitting out all the rooms, from the sleeping area to the living area, including the annex. In addition, furniture, furnishings, textiles, and all the details needed to bring out the real potential of the house in relation to the identified target of potential buyers were included. Once completed, the layout was then narrated through an emotional photoshoot that highlighted its many strengths.

After a short period of time, the new identity acquired by the property has attracted numerous clients, not only from the tourist market but also from the buyer’s market: clients wishing to purchase a prestigious property in Umbria that possessed a truly authentic character … just like the German clients who are now the new owners of casale “Il Perugino”!

The strategy adopted therefore proved to be successful!

The Home Staging service, which the Great Estate group offers to its selling clients, has proved to be absolutely decisive for the best presentation and, consequently, for the sale of “Il Perugino”.


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