Studio Arch-è: “Pool design, light design and garden” in Città Della Pieve

Studio Arch-è: “Pool design, light design and garden” in Città Della Pieve

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One of the most important service partners of Great Estate, Studio Arch-è by architects Federico Peparaio and Ivano Malizia in Città Della Pieve, has recently closed an amazing project. Let’s discover it.

The project “Pool design, light design and garden” included the requalification and new distribution of the external paths, as well as the re-building of the swimming pool, garden, and outdoor lights-system of a prestigious property in Città Della Pieve.

A surprising intervention realized among January and June 2018.

As architect Peparaio tells us:

We created a pool with two infinity-sides: the essence of the project came from the will of realizing a “monolithic” element through the use of local materials but with pure and linear shapes, something that would have had to regulate the whole space.

First of all, we identified the area where to locate the structure. We chose the better exposed and most barycentric to the property buildings one. Then we did the swimming pool: two infinity-sides, access-steps, and two different depths (1.20 m and 2.00 m), ideal for diving.

As a clients’ specific request, the material used was ceramic gres stoneware tiles. The final effect is really beautiful! Indeed, being the ceramic gres out-of-color and with irregular edges, it allows the water to take some charming turquoise shades. The effect is so natural that many have asked if the material used was a natural stone.

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Another interesting element was the realization of the details: Corten-coloured solar-shower, stairs created with recovered railway sleepers, the Corten-painted steel pergola whose essential lines are perfectly in harmony with the swimming pool, and the light system, done by following a lighting-project.

Among the several elements done it is possible to immediately perceive a “reasonable” architectonic line obtained through the use of new and local materials that have been perfectly mixed together.

Would you like to discover more in detail all the secrets about Studio Arch-è’s works? So, just click here!

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