Great Estate’s “virtual” sales continue: Podere Paradiso

Great Estate’s “virtual” sales continue: Podere Paradiso

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At the end of February, the group led by Stefano Petri made a very important “virtual” sale, the one of “Podere Paradiso”.
The interview with Caterina Caloni, the GE consultant who managed the buyers.

As we all know, innovation is one of the characteristics that distinguishes Great Estate and allows our group to achieve extraordinary results. Among these, the sale of “Podere Paradiso”, signed last February: a “virtual” sale that adds up to the other 22 sales made since the spring of last year until today.

Podere Paradiso” is a fantastic country property situated about three kilometres from Città Della Pieve.

It represents the magnificent result of a careful renovation aimed at enhancing precious details and particulars: from the handmade terracotta floors to the ceilings with beams and tiles or with small vaults.

The outdoor areas of the property are particularly charming and well-kept, with a beautiful swimming pool and a large heated Jacuzzi.
The location of this magnificent property is also an asset: wonderfully open and panoramic, and a short distance from the characteristic Umbrian villages of Città Della Pieve and Monteleone D’Orvieto (click here to discover the property).

As mentioned, on 26th February this beautiful property was bought by a couple from Singapore thanks to our innovative “Virtual Visits” service.

We interviewed the GE consultant who managed the buyers, Mrs. Caterina Caloni, to find out more about the background of this extraordinary “virtual” success of Great Estate.

– Welcome Caterina! Would you like to tell us something about the clients who bought “Podere Paradiso”?

The new owners of “Podere Paradiso” are a British couple living in Singapore. Their contact, received from the international real estate portal Zoopla, was forwarded to me by our back office in February 2020. I contacted them again by e-mail to find out what they were looking for and in which areas.

They were interested in a nice farmhouse with a swimming pool, with plenty of privacy, away from other properties, but with quick access to essential services and schools, as they have a school-age child.
As for the areas of interest, the clients preferred Tuscany but were also willing to consider Umbria.

– How was the search for their ideal property carried out?

Everything was done online:
being in the middle of a pandemic, the buyers could not travel to visit the properties.

So I propose them a number of solutions and, of these, Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin selected two, one in Tuscany and the other in Umbria.

Thanks to the professional Virtual Tour and Amateur Video included in the property listings on our website, they were able to view the properties of their interest in detail and accurately.

In addition, the colleagues who managed the two vendors quickly provided me with all the documentation of the two properties and I just as quickly sent it to my clients:

This shows how important teamwork is and how important it is to respond quickly to the clients’ requests.

– Why did they finally decide to buy “Podere Paradiso”?

As I have already mentioned, my clients had focused their interest on two properties. Together, we started negotiations for the one located in Tuscany. However, the latter was unsuccessful, as Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin was beaten to the punch by other buyers.

Following this, they turned all their attention to “Podere Paradiso“: this property had particularly struck them for its genuine style, typical of the countryside surrounding Città Della Pieve, the landscape context, and the tranquillity of the area in which it is immersed.

– Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

When Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin decided to select only two properties, including “Podere Paradiso”, they requested all specific details and information on the latter.

As I have already told you, by consulting the detailed description of the property, as well as the Virtual Tour and the Amateur Video filmed for it, they were able to get everything they were interested in.

In addition, they expressed the need to have a Due Diligence of the property, which was quickly drawn up by some technicians trusted by their lawyers. As far as the technical aspects are concerned, I have to say that we have not encountered any particular problems, as the property was in order from every point of view.

Then, given the disappointing outcome of the previous negotiation, Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin decided not to waste time and “grab” quickly “Podere Paradiso”, formulating and signing a purchase offer that deviated by only 2.3 percentage points from the estimate obtained by our valuation department through T.B.P. (while compared to the last asking price of the sellers the difference was about 7%).

Finally, I would like to point out a “small detail”: my clients were only able to see their new Italian property “live”, physically, in person, after the signing of the notarial deed. Initially, they will use it as a second home, then later as their main residence.

– In conclusion … Caterina are you satisfied with the sale of “Podere Paradiso”?

Very satisfied!
First of all, I helped to fulfill the dream of my clients who were initially very disappointed with the outcome of the previous negotiations.

I always encouraged them not to lose heart, as our group had so many other interesting properties to offer them, and I quickly sent them a number of alternative proposals, one of which they were so interested in that they decided to buy: “Podere Paradiso”!

Finally, this sale, which you have rightly described as “virtual“, has demonstrated how, thanks to innovative and cutting-edge tools such as our “Virtual Tours“, it is possible to eliminate all distances and … buy the property of your dreams from anywhere in the world!

What are you waiting for?
Do like the Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin: purchase your dream property with Great Estate and our “Virtual Tours”!


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