The sale of “Tramonto A Parrano”: a word from Valter Luciani

The sale of “Tramonto A Parrano”: a word from Valter Luciani

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Interview with Valter Luciani, the Great Estate consultant who managed the selling party in the sale of the property known as “Tramonto A Parrano”.

– Welcome back Valter. Would you like to tell us something about the property known as “Tramonto A Parrano” and its vendors?

In 2018 I sold a beautiful property in Parrano, “l’Oasi del Poggitello”, again in collaboration with my colleague Nadia Aron. On that occasion, I realised that this small village could also have its own “dedicated” clientele… usually, the most popular locations are in Tuscany, but Parrano is close to the border and in an equally beautiful, if little-known, area.

For this reason, I decided to get busy, sounding out the terrain, and going in search of houses, already for sale or not, to acquire and insert in the Great Estate real estate portfolio: an area work that brought its fruits … sign of will and efficiency, just as Great Estate teaches us.

The first farmhouse I identified was “Tramonto A Parrano“, and by leveraging the results I had obtained over time in the Parrano area, I tried to entice the owners to sell it by entrusting it to our group.

The latter was an Italian/French couple who had lived in the farmhouse for many years, although they often traveled to France to visit their children and grandchildren who, in turn, came to Parrano to visit their parents and to spend their holidays there.
However, old age and the desire to be reunited with the family led them, even if reluctantly, to sell the farmhouse.

– Was the property already for sale with other agencies? Were marketing plans signed?

After convincing the owners to sell the farmhouse with Great Estate, they gave us an exclusive assignment for sale including a marketing plan.

These are the strengths that Great Estate boasts in a unique and comprehensive way, offering exclusive services such as professional photos and videos, as well as targeted international advertising that was not slow in “intercepting” the right buyer client.

– What do you think are the main qualities of the property?

The property is in a beautiful position, a short distance from the village of Parrano and its services. Moreover, it is easily accessible: it is reached by a short stretch of white road.

The property is complete: it has a partially restored main house, a habitable guest house, a warehouse and a characteristic expandable silo.

Externally, it is surrounded by a natural courtyard with various types of trees and ancient cypresses, as well as a large plot of land with olive trees and a swimming pool. But its most attractive quality is certainly the panoramic view, especially at sunset, when the sun sets behind the Umbrian and Tuscan hills: it was precisely the wonderful sunset that can be admired from the farmhouse that inspired me to choose its name, “Tramonto a Parrano”.

– Let’s talk about evaluation with The Best Price: what can you tell us about it? 

“Tramonto a Parrano” has been valued with the infallible The Best Price, our innovative and exclusive valuation tool conceived, designed, and implemented by our CEO Petri Stefano.
Thanks to it, to the excellent work done by our valuation department, in particular by Mr. Tullio Morandi, and to my knowledge of the area, we immediately identified the right market value of the property.

Initially, the sellers decided to put the property on the market with an asking price that was significantly higher than the value that T.B.P. found. However, after a few months, I managed to make them understand the need to adjust that price to the real market value of their property: this decision allowed us to sell the property!

Identifying the right value of a property, on the basis of which to establish its asking price, is the first fundamental step towards achieving the sales objective.

There is no point in blaming catastrophic events or situations … especially since real catastrophes have not occurred for years. Unfortunately, Covid-19 still represents one of the biggest problems in our contemporary history.

However, in our sector, that of Real Estate, The Best Price and the possibility it offers of identifying the right market value for each property, have made it possible to find effective solutions even in the current difficult market times.

The desire to buy a prestigious property is there and always will be, and it is precisely in difficult times that one must react and find the right strategies to overcome them and encourage clients to buy.

Great Estate has an infallible “remedy” against the evil of the market, against the inflated and overvalued prices that often frighten and discourage: The Best Price is the concrete and powerful solution to bring down the “fever” of this “real estate thermometer” that infects the market.

– Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

The negotiations took place with the cooperation of our German buyer market manager, Nadia Aron.
Her work, together with that of the entire Great Estate Group, enabled us to find the right buyer client.

Mr. and Mrs. Rebel, the German couple managed by Nadia, felt immediately at ease with us. Moreover, they felt reassured, as other German citizens had already bought other properties near Parrano with Great Estate: just like Mr. and Mrs. Wiesmaier, owners of “L’Oasi Del Poggitello”. In short, we had very good references!

From a technical point of view, the habitability was missing (as often happens) but the seller’s trusted technician, the surveyor Maurizio Squarcia, proved to be efficient and quick in finding it so that in a short time we had all the necessary documentation available.

So, the negotiation was quite fast even if, initially, the buyers presented a purchase proposal that did not perfectly reflect the sellers’ expectations.

However, little by little, with patience, trust, and perseverance, qualities that have always distinguished us, we managed to find common ground between the parties: we are mediators and we mediated in the right way, with professionalism and humanity, avoiding making the parties stiffen and always managing to find the right solutions.

So everything went smoothly until 22 March, when, thanks to a remote connection that shortened the distance between Italy and Germany, creating a virtual triangle between Munich, Berlin, and Perugia, the notarial deed of sale was signed.

So… Great Great Estate!

The work was excellent and the result excellent, culminating in a warm round of applause from all present and a few tears of emotion from the buyer.

Now Mr. and Mrs. Rebels are happy!
Their new ownership is waiting for them, as they look forward to the start of an exciting new adventure.

Renovation work will begin shortly, and when it is completed …

… will finally be able to enjoy their suggestive “Tramonto a Parrano“. 

The sun is setting on this extraordinary sale …
… but tomorrow there will be a new dawn and, with it another negotiation and another unforgettable sale … signed by Valter Luciani and all the great Great Estate team.

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