Villa on Lake Trasimeno: Another Sale of Great Estate Network!

Villa on Lake Trasimeno: Another Sale of Great Estate Network!

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Just closed the sale of a beautiful villa on Lake Trasimeno. We interview Stefano Calafà, real estate agent responsible for Via Dei Colli Immobiliare and partner of Great Estate in Umbria, who managed the negotiation with the buyers.

Hi Stefano, we know that you collaborate with Great Estate for a few years and you are responsible for partner agency in Umbria. How is this relationship going? Are you satisfied with obtained results?

Hello. Yes, it is the third year of our collaboration with Great Estate. I am very satisfied with the results that were achieved and with those we are obtaining now. The tools, the visibility of the Group are becoming more effective every day. A great job!

You have recently closed an important sale of a splendid luxury farmhouse in the area of Lake Trasimeno in collaboration with Great Estate. What can you tell about this?

The sale of “Terrazza sulla Toscana”, the splendid villa in the area around Lake Trasimeno came from the Sole Agent service: the clients relied completely on our Group in the searching of a farmhouse meeting their needs.

This beautiful villa on Lake Trasimeno, between Chiusi and Castiglione del Lago was the first property they have visited, and that attracted their attention from the viewing already on the web. It is paradoxical but true, the clients fell in love with the house before their arriving in Italy.

The highly professional photo shooting and detailed description of every single property have animated the already effective presentation. The result was excellent. At the viewing, the clients had nothing else to do but to make sure what they have already imagined on distance.

How long have you been managing these clients? From what advertising channel did they come from?

The first contact with them was in February of this year. They founded us directly though our website

Where are they from? What were their requests?

The clients are Italians, living in Switzerland although both were born elsewhere. A really international trace! They were looking for a farmhouse to live in the major part of the year. Spacious and bright internals and well maintained gardens – these were the essential requirements for them. The good highway and train connection of the property was also not the last.

Have they done many visits of the farmhouses before to discover “La terrazza sulla Toscana”? Or it was a more-or-less simple choice?

They have visited nearly seven or eight properties located between Umbria and Tuscany. But their choice turned back to the first one. A true love at first sight!

What was their first reaction after the viewing of the property?

The first characteristic they had noticed and appreciated was an exceptional brightness of the property internals. It is not easy to find a traditional villa like “Terrazza sulla Toscana” with numerous windows and open ventilated spaces. They remained deeply impressed.

What are the advantages of a prestigious residence in the area around Lake Trasimeno?

It is obviously the presence of Lake Trasimeno. This determines the proper balance in the landscape: Umbrian hills reflecting in the lake water in a truly lovely setting.

Summer boat trips and excursions to the Maggiore and Polvese Islands are certainly a great attraction.

The location also should not be underestimated: good connection with highways and railway station. The central position of the area, easy accessibility to the major Italian cities like Perugia, Arezzo, Siena and a part of Terni province is another aspect, very interesting for the international client looking for a second home in Italy.

The landscape around Lake Trasimeno also remained intact, comparing with many other neighbouring territories, in some cases quite industrialized. This makes a significant impact on those who decide to buy a villa or a farmhouse in the countryside. Moreover, even the mild climate adds the positive point to this beautiful area of Umbria.

The Great Estate Group has an excellent visibility on the international level. As for you, what are the reasons of such success?

Looking around for a little, especially in this less flourishing period for the real estate world, I see many businesses that have difficulties, even more after Brexit and, more generally, in a European-institutional political framework where Italy does not have a very clear future, perhaps.

And we, as a Great Estate Partner, despite this, continue to achieve great success.

The constant work, done every day for the Group by us, professionals, first of all, and by the press office with all the staff present behind the scenes, is bearing its fruit. I would say, this is a great satisfaction!

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