A new partner of the GE Network: Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate

A new partner of the GE Network: Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate

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A new partner has recently joined the winning team led by CEO Stefano Petri: Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate.
We interviewed Giovanni Alunno who, together with his father, is the owner of the Tuscan agency.

Good morning Giovanni, and welcome to the fantastic Great Estate group! First of all, please tell us … who is Giovanni Alunno?

I was born in Cortona in 1980 into a family of entrepreneurs who have been active in the real estate market for generations. I consider myself a serious operator in the field of real estate contracts and I like to think that, thanks to my work, I can help people to realise their dreams.

How would you define yourself?

I am a person who faces life with enthusiasm, directness and awareness. I like challenges and I can’t sit on my hands, even when it comes to helping others. I consider myself very empathetic with other people, I am curious and I like challenges. I always try to learn from others and from life. I love the area where I was born and grew up, which, although I know it very well, is still able to give me exciting surprises today.

What was your personal and professional training?

I graduated brilliantly in Law from the University of Perugia and attended the School of Specialisation in Forensic Science. After graduating, I lived in Rome, where I worked as a trainee in an important criminal law firm. During my studies and research in Rome, I also lectured on criminal procedure at the Faculty of Law of the University of Rome.

At a certain point in my life, however, I felt the need to return to Cortona to continue the family business, entering the real estate market, attending courses, and entering a career path that had always been part of me since I was a child.

Following the Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate project is not only the continuation of almost a century of my family’s commitment, professionalism, and hard work but a source of pride and deep love for the area.

Would you like to tell us when and how the “Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate” project was born?

Alunno Immobiliare has an almost century-long history in the real estate and tourism sector: in fact, we have been present on the market for about 70 years.

In the immediate post-war period, my grandfather Giovanni Alunno, an entrepreneur from Cortona, had the far-sighted idea of starting an activity of recovery and renovation of old buildings. Over the years Cortona began to gain fame and attract international tourism.

The years of the economic boom marked a decisive turning point: important foreign companies began to invest in our territory, buying up farmhouses that had been abandoned by the children of farmers who had now emigrated to the big cities. It was precisely at that time that my grandfather, thanks to the great experience he had acquired, was chosen as the exclusive dealer for the Cortona area for various important companies, the best known of which was Cuendet, specializing in Tuscan farmhouses.

In the 1970s my grandfather was joined by his son, my father, who helped expand the business of the Cortona property market.

To this day, my father, Dr. Paolo Alunno, and I carry on our business fruitfully, continuing the family tradition with dedication and passion, aware of the potential of this area, and I am deeply proud to bear the same name as my grandfather.

We are fully aware that a high level of personal attention to our clients, combined with excellent professional service, can lead to the conclusion of the best transactions.

For this reason, many of our customers come from word of mouth and referrals from people who have been satisfied with their purchase with us. Thanks to our history and presence in the area, over the years we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the area and its inhabitants, enabling us to select the best offers on the market.

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