Castles World: Great Estate featured as protagonist in Ville&Casali magazine

Castles World: Great Estate featured as protagonist in Ville&Casali magazine

Stefano's Column Jun 15, 2018 No Comments
In June, Great Estate experience will be at the service of the prestigious Edizioni Morelli “Ville&Casali” monthly magazine. Indeed, this edition will include the reportage “How and why to invest in castles in Umbria and Tuscany” with an intervention of our CEO.

With a twenty-year business background, the Edizioni Morelli monthly journal Ville&Casali is one of the most relevant magazines about luxury properties in Italy. Its pages guide the reader during the discovery of this specific real estate market sector, giving him precious information and useful advices to purchase, furnish and live prestigious properties in Italy and abroad in the best way.

The editorial staff confirmed this approach with the June edition, by choosing to contact Great Estate group for an interesting and in-depth reportage dedicated to the castles sector. Among the points mentioned, there will be also an analysis of the most technical aspect of a sale of this relevance.

To better understand this field, the editorial staff asked our CEO Stefano Petri’s opinion:

When it comes to castles, as well as for every and each negotiation, the first, fundamental step to reach the sale is to determinate the right market value.

Modern IT tools and precise technical analysis (the reference is obviously to our new operating system The Best Price), combined to great professional abilities, are able to produce and establish the best market value for properties with very limited target market, in which professional abilities have a huge decisive importance.

The castle market confirms itself as a niche and polished one, just how the business approach to redevelop this prestigious and impressive structures wants it to be. Those properties are often abandoned but, nevertheless, they still preserve their history and old charm. Nowadays, several Italian and international holdings choose to invest and give prestige back to those jewels of our history, making them prestigious mansions again. Indeed, in Ville&Casali pages we can find out why castles are the preferred locations for hospitality projects aimed to create an Italian hotel-castles net addressed to a high-profile public.

The goal? To make the guests live the unique and privileged experience of staying in a fortress. From wild boars haunting trips to exclusive visits to the most secret areas of the castle, guided by the noble owner. Everything is unique and customized, for a holiday experience reserved for the few.

However, not only for accommodations. Ville&Casali reportage also underlines the most purely touristic role that castles have in Italy. As the Vicari’s one, dated back to 1043, in the heart of Lari (Pisa), brought back to light by the cultural association of voluntaries “Il Castello”: a reality that was able to give prestige back to the building, transforming it in an attractive monument for local tourism.

For this reason, the world of Castles is experiencing a huge expansion. This is why Great Estate portfolio includes various castles and fortresses, such as for example the one mentioned in Ville&Casali: “Il Castelluccio” in Città della Pieve. Indeed, this ‘800 property is one of our jewels. Limes, horse chestnuts, pines Libyan cedars trees settle the 6 thousand metres external garden, dominated by the building and its tower, a distinctive feature of this unique property type.

If you want to discover Great Estate castles, consult our website or contact our headquarter…. We are waiting for you!

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