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Among the several spring successes of Great Estate Group, we want to highlight the one in Argentario area: in fact, Elisa Biglia sold a portion of a villa in Porto Santo Stefano, perfectly assisting both the buyers, an Italian couple, and the seller, the world-class engineer Mauro Forghieri.

– Welcome Elisa… and congratulations for your last success! Tell us you experience:

Having already collaborated with us in the past and having been impressed by our energy and professionalism, Messrs. Forghieri decided to contact our agency again. Thanks to this already consolidated loyalty, which has also become a great friendship, engineer Forghieri and his wife immediately gave an exclusive sale assignment to GE to sell their house.

– How did you present Great Estate services to the vendors?

First of all, I explained them our modus operandi, step by step: from the precise and detailed property evaluation, to the whole advertising process reserved for properties with exclusive sale assignment, as well as the great visibility that Great Estate group boasts, both in Italy and abroad.

– After being acquired, did the property immediately obtain success among the potential buyers?

Yes. The property gained potential buyers’ interest for the very beginning, especially thanks to its panoramic position with amazing sea view. Moreover, even if it was a holiday home, it was very well-maintained.

On this regard, I would like to underline the importance of a good presentation of the property during the visits; a potential buyer’s first impression is fundamental and depends on that: if a property is badly-maintained or unkempt, the impression is immediately negative, even if the property is beautiful.

– Now, let’s get down to the buyers. What can you tell us about them?

The buyers were good experts of this area and, at the beginning, were determined to buy an apartment; they wanted a sea view property, in a private spot but not too isolated, with large external spaces. They had already visited different properties with other agencies, without experiencing professionalism. They saw on our website an apartment set within a residence with swimming pool and contacted our branch in Porto Santo Stefano to arrange a visit. However, it wasn’t suitable to their needs. In fact, after some visits, I understood that Cala Grande and Cala Moresca were the areas they liked the most and that they had in their hearts. The problem was that is very hard to find an apartment there. For this reason, I obstinately insisted in order to make them see other kind of property in that area. So, I accompanied the couple to the Engineer Forghieri’s property. Once they arrived there, they had to agree with me, considering that they immediately fell in love with the property.

– Can you describe us the buyers’ feelings during the first visit to the property? What caught their attention the most?

First of all, they were already pleasantly impressed by the pictures they saw in our office, which were the result of a great photo shooting realized by our internal photographer; then, of course, and as already said, they were impressed by the very panoramic and private position and the optimal conditions of the property.

– How did you get to the final choice?

Messrs. Forghieri’s openness towards satisfying some of the buyers’ needs was fundamental. Moreover, the fact that the house was ready to move in influenced them a lot, because it didn’t require any kind of work or improvement.

– In your opinion, taking into account this last sale of yours, which was the most decisive service, among the ones that Great Estate offers to the sellers?

The fact that the owner signed an exclusive sale assignment, combined with a right market price and the most appropriate marketing plan, made the property very dynamic on the web and, as a consequence, gave it a great visibility.

– In conclusion, Elisa, what do you think have been the reasons of this great success?

First of all, I think the professionalism and the ability to deal with any problem that may appear during a negotiation process; the experience of every and each Great Estate consultant and, above all, our team spirit. This is precisely what allows us to work in harmony and to reach the final goal. It is not a coincidence that lots of compliments about our organization were expressed during the negotiation, and I’m so proud of it.


Thank you for the time you gave us and… see you at the next sale!


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