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It was the first day of Academy at the Great Estate offices: a real internal training course addressed to all the professionals of the Network led by Stefano Petri.

In conjunction with the beginning of new year, Great Estate Managing Director Stefano Petri wanted to shake his team. 2017 brought lots of news, including the improvement of Reality, a new software used for customers, properties and estimates management, developed by Stefano Petri himself in collaboration with some important professionals, and also the new and improved website. For this reason, taking into account the existence of an ever more organized and productive agencies network, Stefano Petri has decided to uniform again the working method of the entire team.
For this reason, Great Estate Academy was created: to draw an internal training course, with several classes, regarding the real estate different aspects, addressed to the professionals belonging to all the Great Estate offices.
The first meeting, Palazzone, January 10th, was attended by Palazzone, Fabro, Spoleto, Montepulciano, Via Dei Colli, Remax, Umbria Domus and Le Case Sul Lago branches. While Porto Santo Stefano, San Vincenzo, Sardegna, Marche and Piemonte branches followed it via Skype.

Reality was the argument treated on the first Academy day, its mode of operation and its use.

Stefano Petri explained the steps to follow to insert a property and make an appraisal of it, to insert and manage a buyer or a seller customer, how to create a sale contract and how to buy the advertising products, answering also to the different questions of the participans. The possibility to analyze each step made the debate very interesting, providing also some sparks for potential future software developments.

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