“L’Eco Della Valle”.  Interview with Barbara Medici, purchasing consultant

“L’Eco Della Valle”. Interview with Barbara Medici, purchasing consultant

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“The relationship of esteem and trust that has been created with clients has been the best result for me!”
These are the words of Barbara Medici, consultant G.E. Manager of the Orvieto office who managed the purchasing clients of “L’Eco Della Valle.” The interview

  • Hi Barbara. Thank you for your availability and many congratulations on the sale of “L’Eco Della Valle!”
    Who are the new owners of this charming Umbrian property?

Thank you!
The clients who purchased “L’Eco Della Valle” are from Belgium.
At the end of July they had contacted the Great Estate secretariat directly, which quickly turned over the name and their message to me:

they specifically asked to be able to see “L’Eco Della Valle” in early August and…so it was!
We immediately organized a tour of the property.

They wanted to purchase a property in a very specific area: Tuscany was the first choice, Umbria as a second option. They were looking for a beautiful Art Nouveau residence, in a non isolated position, with land and the possibility of installing a swimming pool. Looking at our website, they noticed “L’Eco Della Valle” and, as mentioned, sent the request for a tour of the property.

  • In addition to “L’Eco Della Valle”, did you visit other properties together?

No, only “L’Eco Della Valle.”
Immediately after the first visit, the clients asked us for more information regarding the land, the feasibility of the pool, the utilities and more. Together with a trusted technician, we provided all the information on time, also answering all of their questions.

  • What was the extra something that convinced your clients to buy “L’Eco Della Valle?”

Well…the location of the villa is quite breathtaking. From the top of the hill on which it is situated, it is possible to admire the valley below, the surrounding mountains, and to the side, the charming Umbrian village of Carnaiola. In addition, the property itself enjoys large spaces, very bright, and exudes a truly unique “nineteenth-century” flavor.

  • How will they use their new property in the future?

The property will be a home to stay in for a few months a year, perfect for welcoming a large family and offering moments of relaxation.

  • Perfect Barbara. How did the negotiations go?

At first, the negotiation began by taking into consideration all the available land, and then moving towards a smaller number of hectares. The necessary checks were carried out from an urban-cadastral standpoint, and together with the technician, the feasibility of the swimming pool was ascertained before proceeding with the signing of the preliminary agreement.

The various aspects and possibilities related to the Superbonus were discussed, as well as a discussion with the Notary to examine the possible options in the purchasing phase, title of ownership and other aspects.
Once all the latter had been clarified, the clients submitted a purchase proposal, which was then accepted by the vendor.

  • Wonderful Barbara! To conclude, are you satisfied with this sale?

Absolutely yes!

I am very satisfied with the team work done,
both within our group
and externally, with the technician appointed by us.

Being able to give accurate and timely answers to clients
was essential for
offering them the best advice.

The relationship of esteem and trust that was created,
was the best result for me.


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