The sale of “La Mesola”: loyalty of our clients and strength of the GE group

The sale of “La Mesola”: loyalty of our clients and strength of the GE group

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October 2021: Great Estate sells “La Mensola” farmhouse. An important result that arises from loyalty of our clients and the powerful organization of our group

“La Mesola” is an elegant farmhouse located on the top of a hill near the city of Gubbio, in Umbria. It impresses with its impeccable charm, in which tradition and modernity come together in a timeless unicum.
The swimming pool located in the lush garden that embraces the farmhouse, is also fantastic: made of basalt, infinity water and with heated water…the perfect place to relax, admiring the breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding hills.

The attention to detail and the choice of the highest quality materials make “La Mesola” an absolutely exclusive property.

Last fall our group celebrated the sale, rather, the resale of this elegant Umbrian property.

In fact, in 2018 the farmhouse “La Mesola” was sold by our group to Debra and Arthur, an American couple, masterfully managed by Filippo Cori, Great Estate Spoleto.
The same clients, last 2021 then decided to resell the farmhouse, relying again on Filippo and the Great Estate Group:


Filippo Cori recalls that:

I met Debra and Arthur in 2018, as their real estate consultant.
In fact, in that year my colleague Suzanne Van Ravenstein acquired “La Mesola” farmhouse for sale and my clients decided to buy that very property.
Then, last year, Debra and Arthur got back to me to resell the property.

Therefore, these are “loyal” clients, whom I have had the pleasure of managing both as buyers and as sellers.

Initially, their desire was to leave the U.S. and move permanently to Italy but, unfortunately, the situation caused by Covid has changed the cards on the table.
In fact, in the last 2 years they have not been able to come to Italy. This has changed their needs, and Debra and Arthur found themselves having to sell their property sooner than they had planned.

And that’s how they contacted me, entrusting Great Estate with an exclusive sales assignment and “a price” that, in less than 3 months, allowed us to resell the property.

The estimate of the farmhouse obtained through our internal software The Best Price was decisive.

Fully shared by my clients, our evaluation proved to be in perfect line with market values, so much so that the difference between it and the purchase price stood at 2.4%.

In particular:

  • The important work carried out in 2018 by Suzanne, one of the managers of our Dutch market, on the occasion of the first acquisition of “La Mesola.”
  • The professionalism demonstrated by Filippo who, over time, has led to the loyalty of American clients, first as buyers then as sellers.
  • The acquisition of the property in 2021 by Filippo, with an EXCLUSIVE mandate, and with an asking price perfectly IN LINE with market values.

The sale of the farmhouse “La Mesola” was the result of a great team work done, as well as by Filippo Cori and Suzanne Van Ravenstein, also by the CEO of Great Estate, Stefano Petri, and by our German department.

The strength of our group
manages to generate great opportunities and achieve fantastic goals,
to those who understand how powerful the union of forces are.

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