My experience with the international clients of “Villa Brencia”: our consultant Roberto Biggera

My experience with the international clients of “Villa Brencia”: our consultant Roberto Biggera

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At the beginning of 2019 and thanks to the support of Roberto Biggera, “Villa Brencia”, a beautiful property located in the countryside near Cetona, has been purchased by an international couple: our consultant’s impressions.

Villa Brencia” buyers, a Londoner couple, were looking for a renovated farmhouse between Tuscany and Umbria. After our first visits together, they decided to focus their research on the most refined properties, I would say on villas and not farmhouses anymore. In a year, we visited about 20 properties.

The decision to purchase this farmhouse comes from the fact that “Villa Brencia” represented – and still represents – their dream home (click here to discover the property). Indeed, its location is perfect, easy to be reached and close to Cetona. The property presents high quality finishing and a luxuriant park including some centuries-old trees and a swimming pool. Finally, between the main building and the guesthouse, there are six available bedrooms.

Clients showed their concrete interest for this home at the beginning of summer 2018, i.e. after their first visit to the farmhouse. The negotiation started in august, after their second visit with the entire family.

Essentially, the whole process was very rapid. This is also because of the great “preparatory work” done before the proposal presentation. The negotiation, which lasted about a week during the second half of august, was very concise about the price too. Moreover, as often occurs for the country properties, some discrepancies had emerged, but everything was arranged in time and with the complete clients’ satisfaction.

I would like to tell you an anecdote which, in my opinion, is very meaningful: since the vendors were on holidays in an amazing villa on the Circeo promontory while the buyers were formalizing the proposal, Tommaso – the GE consultant who managed the sellers – and I personally went to them for the acceptance signature.  

We perfectly remember the atmosphere which could feel in that almost charmed place.. an amazing view on the sea!

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