Nicolò Cordone and the sale of “Villa Rosa” in Tuscany

Nicolò Cordone and the sale of “Villa Rosa” in Tuscany

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Nicolò Cordone is going to tell us about another sale Great Estate, signed on May 2020 and “under Coronavirus”: the one of “Vila Rosa”. Nicolò managed the buyers, while Giacomo Buonavita the vendors.

In the middle of May, we closed the sale of a farm business near Chiusi, at about two kilometers from the historic center and known as “Villa Rosa”. This success was the result of great work done with my colleague Giacomo Buonavita – who managed the vendors – and our CEO’s assistance.

The clients who purchased “Villa Rosa” contacted us through the international portal Luxury Estate in January 2019. They were looking for a property in a very specific area. In reality, it would be better to say that we did not make research because the area they were interested in was very limited.

The request they sent was about a property they were interested in and that needed some renovation works. After having replied to them, we scheduled the first property visit. Everybody of us (the clients, my colleague Giacomo and I) were aware that the negotiation we had to face would surely have been not so easy because of the price requested – very high – and different problems connected to the company owner.

Anyway, given the interest my clients proved for the property, Giacomo and I studied all the legal aspects concerning it. Personally, I think that this was a very formative experience, at the end of which we made a really good work.

However, despite it held more than six months, the negotiation did not end positively. It remained open for a very long time because of several extensions and a clear distance between the selling price and the one offered by my clients: evidently that property was not the right one for them.

Abandoned this experience, in September 2019 I wanted to propose some alternatives.

I established a strong and mutual trust relationship with them. I would define it as a “verbal” Property Finder. The research was done by the clients themselves and by using the Italian real estate portals. Precisely in that period, they proved to me their interest in another property for which we immediately settled a visit up: “Villa Rosa” (click here to discover the property).

Villa Rosa” boasts a really amazing location: indeed, it allows you to reach easily the main communication routes, as well as to enjoy a great panorama while surrounded by cultivated fields.

Fundamentally, clients decided to purchase this property precisely for this reason: the fields around offer them the possibility to keep the farm business of the property’s ex-owners on. In this way, they can obtain products typical of our lands, such as olive oil, wine, fruit, mushrooms, vegetable, and farm animals. Moreover, the main building of the farm business has good spaces, well finished both at the ground and first floor, while at the semi-underground one there is the possibility of using a large space with wood fire, garage, and cellar: very unique spaces given their size.

Taling about the negotiation, this time it was a “vis-à-vis”: the parties were sat around a table and took their own agreements… so, a really “old-style” negotiation, like the ones of the past!

Then, those agreements were formalized in a preliminary contact. Regarding this, I would like to underline that we followed the previous agreements even if, because of Coronavirus, we had to postpone the final deed of sale of about two months.

Despite this, Chiusi has now a new large farm business and all of us (Giacomo, the buyers and vendors and I) have pleasantly cheered together for the realization of the purchasing project of my clients, the same I met about 18 months ago for the first time.

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