Roberto Biggera and “Green Canvas”: one of my best sales

Roberto Biggera and “Green Canvas”: one of my best sales

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Today, Roberto Biggera – the GE consultant who, during the negotiation of Green Canvas, managed the buyers – is going to tell us about his point of view. This negotiation has been closed in just two months and it is the result of strong teamwork, rich in emotional details.

I remember to have met the buyer, Mrs. Maria Rosa S. – the new owner of “Green Canvas” (read here her interview) – in September 2019, after she contacted us through our website to receive more information.

Her family and she come from the province of Milan, from Legnano.

They were looking for a charming farmhouse in the area of Cetona. They knew this area very well: they used to spend here their holidays.

We visited about 9 properties together: the first time they came here was in September, the second in January.

After the visits, they decided to purchase “Green Canvas”.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-rustico-casale-in-toscana-siena-cetona-15734656432713.jpg

Indeed, its location is ideal for their exigencies: the house is in the countryside but it is also close to the centre of Cetona. In addition to this, the property boasts a very beautiful panorama.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-rustico-casale-in-toscana-siena-cetona-15734655234839-1.jpg

Moreover, “Green Canvas” presents itself as a very well renovated farmhouse with character and style: it is not so large, perfect for their current exigencies. It also has a beautiful garden, very well maintained.

During the first visits-tour, we were focused on properties with higher surfaces and budgets. Probable, it was precise during those visits that the client understood her preferences.

With time, Mrs. Maria Rosa and her family will do some restyling works in order to change the inner layout of the property.

I would like to share with you some important reflections regarding the negotiation and its development.

The whole process was extremely linear and professional.

As always in Great Estate, the base is a huge preparational work both during the acquisition and negotiation phases. Sure, a very huge work and commitment that were fundamental for the positive closing of the negotiation.

Indeed, when the buyer made her proposal, we already knew every aspect of the property, something absolutely important to have in order to close the negotiation.

To conclude, I really would like to underline some important considerations about my clients, both the buyers and the sellers.

Both proved themselves to be very fair and polite people. They appreciated the great professionalism and helpfulness of our Group.

Particularly, I want to underline how, because of Covid-19, this sale has turned itself – during the time – into one of the most beautiful I have ever closed, both because of the emotions felt and the incredible behavior of the parties.

The buyers – being them from Lombardy – during the dramatic emergency caused by Covid-19 were completely astonished and, including for reasons of force majeure, they had some doubts if to go on with the purchasing or not.

By staying strong and finding both in us and the vendor a huge helpfulness and compassion, they asked to postpone the final deed of sale of about two months. In this period, they would have tried to better understand what the future would have meant for them because, in March, the situation in Lombardy was really critical.

Fortunately, the situation got better, and, little by little, Mrs. Maria Rosa’s desire for a farmhouse in the charming Tuscan countryside increased. This place should have represented a “romantic shelter” where to escape from the rush life of a city like Milan.

Moreover, I have to admit that the vendor’s words, the ones that he said to them, were really touching, as well as the ones the buyer addressed to the seller.

Words of hope and positivity that, during one of the darkest periods of our lives, made me feel well too: honestly, they helped me to find a positive objective at the end of the tunnel, and to reach it with all my will!

Luckily, everything had a happy ending… as in the best tales!

Roberto Biggera

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