The Great Estate Back Office: let’s meet Anna Marchettini

The Great Estate Back Office: let’s meet Anna Marchettini

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Today, we would like to introduce you one of the Great Estate new entry: Anna Marchettini, the person in charge for the Administrative Office.

Welcome Anna. First of all, I would like to thank you to be here. About one year ago, you became part of the Great Estate team, so not everybody knows you already…Tell us something about yourself!

I became part of the Great Estate team after having taken my degree, so in May 2018. After the University, I decided that it was time for me to find a job. From the very first moment, I thought that joining the GE’s World as my first professional experience could be a very good challenge for me. I love questioning myself and I always try to improve.. you must never stop!

  • Four adjectives to describe yourself!

Neat, optimist, responsible and curious.

  • Essentially, what is your job about?

I deal with the general accounting sector of the agency. I know that, said in this way, it is hard to understand what I mean. I will shortly describe to you my typical day: first, I check the inbox emails and verify if there is any particular need or request, deadline to respect or any kind of updating to do. After that, I check the bank records, in order to control the finances of the agency.

Following a specific timeframe, I do also some checks on the development of the agency balance-sheet, with the aim of verifying the need to eliminate or change something.

All of this is possible also thanks to the great support of the Capeglioni-Pimpolari Office. The activities of a company are different and there are a lot of project that have to be enhanced, examined and improved.

  • Are you satisfied with your job? How is the relationship with your colleagues of the head office? Which kind of atmosphere do you work in?

I always dreamed about managing the accounting office of an agency and the organization itself. It is a role that requires a great responsibility, so not everyone likes it. As for every job, it is good to be open at changings and to be always updated in order to optimize what you have to do and, above all, to do it with passion!

Every job, if coldly done, converts itself in a huge weight. For this reason, it is important to do it with all the love and the passion we have.

The relationship with my colleague is beautiful and familiar, even if in our job the privacy and the professionalism is extremely important.

Those are all qualities that I have seen in Great Estate by the first time.

  • Do you already know Stefano Petri, our CEO?

I knew Stefano Petri as a dear family’s friend until recently. Today, instead, I have been knowing him as the CEO of a growing up business.

  • Which is your personal opinion regarding the working methodology of our Group? Which are the aspects-services-activities that you believe are mainly incisive and what makes the difference between Great Estate and the other real estate agencies?

By the first time, Great Estate showed itself as a growing up reality, composed by young and willing professionals .. so a dynamic entity. One of the aspects that has always fascinated me was the professionalism and the transparency in the working method, while one of the strengths of the group is represented by its union. I am glad to be part of this family!

Have a good working day Anna and thank you again for having been here!

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