The sale of “Le Scalette Al Duomo”: interview with the consultant Iuliia Sharenko

The sale of “Le Scalette Al Duomo”: interview with the consultant Iuliia Sharenko

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Following a real “flash” sale, the property known as “Le Scalette Al Duomo” located in the historic center of Orvieto, was bought by a Russian couple managed by the consultant G.E. agent Iuliia Sharenko.
The interview follows

– Hello Iuliia! It is a pleasure to meet you to and have you tell us about your recent success. First of all… who are the new owners of “Le Scalette Al Duomo”?

Thanks Chiara. The new owners are Linura and her husband Sergey, a Russian couple who have lived and worked in New York for many years. I had my first contact with Linura in February 2020. Via our website, she asked to be contacted by one of our agents who spoke Russian, as she needed advice. We spoke the same day with a video call and Linura explained to me in detail the type of property she and her husband were looking asking both general and important questions about the italian purchase procedure and taxes.

– Great. What kind of property were they looking for and in which area?

As for the area, Linura and her husband initially did not have very clear ideas and looked at properties in a variety of areas, from northern to southern Italy. Gradually, as the months went by, I shared more details on the specific regions of Italy and detailed certain areas.

In particular, knowing their lifestyle and quality of home they were looking for, I advised them to consider Tuscany––especially the province of Siena bordering Umbria. And, Lake Como.

I remember that, during one of our conversations, Linura told me that she wanted to start working to live as opposed to living to work – as she had done so far in their hectic life in big cities – despite being satisfied with everything that lifestyle had allowed them.

It was time to stop, at least for a period of time, and to start enjoying life in a natural environment, made up of beautiful landscapes and not very big, historic cities… in short, they were seeking  “the Italian way of life.”

Linura and Sergey had immediately indicated the characteristics of their ideal property. They hoped for an apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms, in good condition, without necessity of work or renovation, located in a historical place, well served, with the possibility of walking to the services and places of entertainment,  the possibility for “social life” and ability to meet people.

– How many properties did your clients see? 

We structured the visits into two blocks. For the first one, I organized a tour on Lake Como visiting 4-5 properties. For the second part, we took a tour between Tuscany and Umbria during which we saw 4-5 other houses, including
“Le Scalette Al Duomo” in Orvieto.

– Why did Linura and Sergey decide to buy “Le Scalette Al Duomo”?

Initially, they fell in love with another property also located in Orvieto, “Casa Monaldeschi”, but unfortunately the negotiation did not go through.

But, before they returned to the United States, Marco Venanzi and Barbara Medici, my colleagues at the GE headquarters in Orvieto, had already suggested the so-called “PLAN B“:

another apartment, also very nice, slightly smaller but really delightful, renovated in 2020 and therefore equipped with more comforts, and located in a fantastic location, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral of Orvieto: “Le Scalette Al Duomo”.

In the end, this alternative turned out to be a winner!

For a few years this apartment will be their second home but, most likely, when Linura and Sergey retire, they will spend more and more time in Orvieto. In the meantime, they plan to take advantage of their new property also for short-term rentals, as the city of Orvieto attracts more and more tourists every year.

– Wonderful Iuliia! Let’s discuss the negotiation …

The negotiation took place very quickly and without problems. For this, I would like to thank my colleagues Barbara and Marco. They did a really good job in the initial phase of the acquisition of the propertyand not only!

– To close Iuliia … are you satisfied with this sale?

I am very satisfied!

Finally, I had the chance to assist Russian clients again, after a long pause imposed by restrictions on travel from Russia.

Also, it was a huge pleasure to meet people like Linura and Sergey! We hit it off at the start, staying in contact for a long period of time (more than a year and a half) before their purchase. I really hope our relationship does not end here!

Lastly, it was really nice for me to collaborate with professionals such as Barbara and Marco:
their availability and punctuality allowed us to organize the closing very quickly, during which I assisted my clients remotely with the security and the peace of mind of being able to count on such great colleagues!


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