“Borgonuovo”: a perfect sale, at full price and concluded in record time!

“Borgonuovo”: a perfect sale, at full price and concluded in record time!

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A few days ago I told you the story of the “perfect sale”, the sale of”Borgonuovo” near Montefiascone (Viterbo).
Today we offer you the interview with the GE consultant who has excellently managed the seller: Suzanne Van Ravenstein.

– Welcome Suzanne and many congratulations on the perfect sale of “Borgonuovo”!
First of all, would you like to “introduce” us to the selling client of this charming property?

The sellers of “Borgonuovo” came to Great Estate through my colleague Iuliia (responsible for the Russian buyer’s market): last autumn, one of her clients had informed her that she had a friend who wanted to sell a property in Montefiascone, recommending our group.
So, Iuliia forwarded the client’s contact to our back office, which then passed on to me the contact details of her partner, Mr. Jan Nyborg, as he came most often to Italy, to his farmhouse in Montefiascone.

Mr. Nyborg comes from Norway. He bought the property in 2004, when the farmhouse was little more than a ruin. After the purchase, he decided to renovate it according to a project he had conceived himself, entrusting the execution to an architect from the Montefiascone area, Arch. Riccardo Guarducci:

the result obtained at the end of the work was undoubtedly very fascinating (CLICK HERE AND DISCOVER THE PROPERTY).

Due to his profession, Mr. Nyborg often moved from Norway to Italy, staying for long periods at his farmhouse. He used the upstairs flat as his private home, while the ground floor flats were rented out to friends and relatives.
However, new living needs and the temporary inability to rent out the flats due to COVID-19 prompted him to sell “Borgonuovo”.

– Was the property already for sale? What kind of cooperation did you have with the selling party?

When I personally met Mr. Nyborg, “Borgonuovo” was not yet for sale.
The client decided to share a non-exclusive mandate with Great Estate with a Silver marketing plan. Subsequently, he also gave a sales mandate to a local agency that had assured him of having good contacts in Norway.

– What do you think are the best qualities of “Borgonuovo”?

Undoubtedly, the excellent (very recent) renovation, the presence of a beautiful olive grove with magnificent century-old trees, as well as a park with a swimming pool that is nothing short of perfect, offering an extraordinary view of the dome of the Cathedral of Montefiascone. Moreover, “Borgonuovo” is located in a truly UNIQUE location: a few kilometres from Lake Bolsena and less than half an hour’s drive from Orvieto.

– Let’s talk about property valuation: what can you tell us about it?

The valuation of the property, which I personally obtained through T.B.P., was around 960,000 euros. Our estimating department, in the person of Tullio Morandi, had come up with a value of € 875,000. After discussions with Tullio, I decided to submit the latter valuation to the client, obviously advising him to put the property on the market at a price as close as possible to our estimate.

My advice was definitely heeded, as Mr. Nyborg immediately accepted the valuation and set an asking price that exactly matched the estimated value: he was a client who was seriously motivated to sell!

– Can you tell me briefly how the negotiations took place?

The negotiation was very quick and satisfactory!

The buyer submitted a purchase offer for an amount identical to the seller’s asking price (€875,000), which was accepted by the seller within hours.

Moreover, the fact that “Borgonuovo” is a very recently renovated farmhouse, together with the constant presence and collaboration of the architect Guarducci, ruled out any technical or bureaucratic difficulties.

In short … a perfect sale, at full price and in record time!

A sort of … veni vidi vinci on the part of the buyer, who took a 36-hour permit to come from Germany to Montefiascone.
He arrived on a Thursday, visited the house, and was so satisfied with the visit and the property that he decided to immediately give us the purchase proposal, which he had already signed in Germany and had brought with him (Nadia and I had already prepared and she had sent him before the inspection), for an amount IDENTICAL TO THE PRICE ASKED by the seller, (AND OUR VALUATION)!
Immediately afterward, I sent the proposal to Mr. Nyborg who, within 24 hours, re-sent it to me with his signature for acceptance. The day after the visit, the buyer returned to Germany.

What can I say … it is truly a great satisfaction to work with such foreign clients:
concrete, motivated, and open-minded, who trust the advice of us Great Estate professionals without any reservation.

Thank you Suzanne and … see you at the next sale!

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