Chiara Pompili: the sale of “Green Canvas” confirms the strength of the GE Method

Chiara Pompili: the sale of “Green Canvas” confirms the strength of the GE Method

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After our interview with the new owner of “Green Canvas” and the considerations of her consultant Mr. Roberto Biggera, we are now going to meet Chiara Pompili, the professional who managed the vendor. This negotiation has been closed in just two months!

Welcome, Chiara. Congratulations on the extraordinary objective you recently reached! Would you like to tell us when and how you met the vendor of “Green Canvas”?

I met Mr. Luciano at our office in Cetona (SI). One day, this man with a clear accent from Emilia Romagna, entered into the office to ask for some information, especially regarding the modus operandi of our Group.

So, on that occasion, I had the possibility of explaining to him all the aspects concerning the sale of a property with our agency, including the different services we can offer. I tried to transfer him all the professionalism and transparency we always use in our work, and that identify the professionals of Great Estate.

At the end of our little chat, Mr. Luciano decided to show me his property in Cetona: a charming stone farmhouse surrounded by a very well maintained park that, in addition to some olive trees, has also a beautiful swimming pool. That was his holiday home. He loved to used it to spend some pleasant moments in this incredible Tuscan corner. Recently, he had entered his property into the touristic rental market.

“Green Canvas” was not in the market already: indeed, Mr. Luciano had never considered the idea of selling it before that moment. As already said, when we met, I had the possibility to give him a 360° view of our working method.

This made him decide for an exclusive assignment for sale and a specific marketing plan, thanks to which his property would have been advertised internationally.

In your opinion, which are the strengths of the property?

There are many! First the position: just a kilometre from the centre of Cetona, in a private and very panoramic position, but not too isolated. Other pluses were the beautiful renovation and its incredible state of maintenance both of the park and the farmhouse.

Let’s think about the name “GREEN CANVAS”: this is precise because of the green hills around the farmhouse. Every single window of the property offers a breath-taking view as if watching a picture. No disturbing elements are present (discover it here).

What can you tell us about the property estimate?

As for all the GE properties, I used The Best Price, an innovative IT tool fundamental for the obtaining of a fair market value of a property.

I really believe that everything could be confirmed and not (just) by me, but also and especially by facts: the sale of “Green Canvas”.

Indeed, the property has been sold in about two months: the property was entered into the market on 27th November 2019, while on 5th February 2020, we closed the negotiation.

Moreover, I want to underline that, if we did not have to face the terrific emergency of Covid-19, we would have signed the final deed of sale early, after about month from the signing of the purchase offer.

Chiara, the sale of “Green Canvas” was surely something really special, and not just because of its timing, but because conditioned to the Coronavirus emergency. Would you like to tell us something about that?

When lockdown started, we had to postpone the final deed of sale. We all were confused by the situation, especially Mrs. Maria Rosa, the buyer managed by Roberto Biggera. Indeed, her family and she live in Lombardy, one of the regions which suffered the situation the most.

In the beginning, there was also the possibility – even if quite improbable – that the buyer would not purchase.

Indeed, the situation was getting really worst and the buyer was completely terrified. We were afraid that Mrs. Maria Rosa could stop, even if it could have been completely fair.

In any case, the vendor proved himself to be very understanding: Mr. Luciano was really sensitive and sympathetic both in terms of facts and words, and both to Mrs. Maria Rosa’s family and the whole Lombardy.

For this reason, I would like to conclude with a special thank you to Mr. Luciano: he is a very great person, absolutely fair and helpful.

We lived a really unique experience: the rapidity of the sale – he was the first who did not expect it and that has to metabolize quickly – and the health emergency. I am sure that we will always remember it.

In these regards, I would like to share with you a really emotional moment: when Roberto forwarded me a message of Mrs. Maria Rosa, the same I sent to the vendors as well:

She repeated her will to purchase “Green Canvas”, willing to see in the purchase hope for the future… a hope that, in a so dark period, seemed pure oxygen.

“Green Canvas” is a true oasis of peace and tranquillity, a corner of paradise that I hope will give incredible emotions to the new owners. To them and their region, Lombardy, my greetings.

Chiara Pompili

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