Nicolò Cordone and the sale of “Tenuta Santa Cristina”: a great result to celebrate

Nicolò Cordone and the sale of “Tenuta Santa Cristina”: a great result to celebrate

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Enthusiasm, satisfaction, and pride to be part of a so winning and professional group, able to fully satisfy its buyers, and the usual trust into the Property Finder strategy: this and lot more in Nicolo Cordone’s tale about the sale of “Tenuta Santa Cristina”.

Welcome, Nicolò! We are finally here, a few months later your last interview published in our Magazine on May, 1st 2020 (read the article here): you told us about your enthusiasm for having been able to make an international couple sign your first Property Finder agreement.

So, we are very happy to let all our readers know that, precisely for this Property Finder, as well as for your support and the whole GE Network organization, your clients are now the new owners of “Tenuta Santa Cristina”, purchased on July, 20th 2020. Tell us about this last and amazing adventure of yours!

The enthusiasm told in the article of last May has been the fundamental element of the whole project! Hester and Pim are very dynamic and resourceful: we had many phone calls, both via Skype and WhatsApp, in order to plan the work in the best way possible, as well as to make their desire come true.

During the first phase of the research, I proposed several properties. After having analysed the market, we created a tab with the most interesting ones. Then, I organized the whole tour and the visits for the “best” 14 properties selected. In addition to the properties themselves, we visited also their locations. This phase corresponded to the sharing of the article on the GE Magazine too.

Later, we decided to enlarge the area of research, increasing also the budget we established before. The research method used before was no longer possible: there were too many properties. So, I left to my clients the proper research activity. I focused just on the papers concerning some properties they highlighted to me. I studied about five properties in order to understand all their aspects. In this way, I was able to give my clients all the information they needed. Some of these were not part of the GE portfolio.

The enthusiasm of Hester and Pim for their purchase in Italy brought them to contact the owners of “Tenuta Santa Cristina”: they meet on Facebook and had a verbal negotiation on the price. The ex-owners of the property are an international couple who speaks English, so language was not an obstacle. Moreover, Hester is a real estate agent in Singapore, while Pim is the CEO of an important company: I did not have any doubt about their skills.

They immediately told me about a possible investment in “Tenuta Santa Cristina” and asked for my personal opinion: if according to me, the property had all the features the owners described to them on Facebook and during their phone calls.

The following day I went to visit the property.

We were actively looking for a period of time I considered “correct”. For this reason, I was sure we would have found the ideal property for Pim and Hester and, when I reached the house, I immediately have that confirmation.

I was ready!

I wanted to study all the documents of the property and do a visit so to be able to tell my clients my qualitative opinion, as well as to make some shorts videos of the home in order to highlight both pros and cons of the house.

So, this is what we offer to our clients with our Property Finder contract, even before they visit a house. The advantage is clear!

I can surely admit that in this case too, our work has been appreciated and clients decided to purchase the property precisely because everything done.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-rustico-casale-in-umbria-perugia-gubbio-15952556309182-1.jpg

Tenuta Santa Cristinais absolutely charming: its olive trees and woods, its buildings, its beautiful swimming pool, and extraordinary panoramic position.

The GE Network is composed of a real estate agent group with who I worked with during the research phase and by specialists ad professionals thanks to who I could provide to my clients all the assistance they needed for the purchase and for the property renovation.

At the beginning of June, I defined a working team in order to give Hester and Pim the best assistance possible for the purchase of this property. Being it a very large property, it has surely some complex aspects.

With the precious help of Stefano Petri, the GE CEO, I charged the technical study Giulianelli-Ottaviani to create a cadastral and urbanistic property due diligence, while the Studio Albanese to create the legal one. In this way, I could give all the papers needed for the final deed of sale to Notary Antonio Zorzi.

On July, 20th 2020, right at the office of Notary Zorzi, the final deed of sale has been signed. Now, this home is owned by Hester and Pim.

This is a very important result and has to be celebrated!

It is important for my clients that, without any particular risk and thanks to the constant support of the whole group, were able to purchase the extraordinary property they were looking for.

It is important for me: today, in this interview for the GE Magazine, I can illustrate my first official Property Finder by suggesting it to all my future clients as the best method to purchase a prestigious property in Italy.

Finally, it is a very important goal for the whole GE Group: thanks to it, we can surely count on a largest number of clients who decide to entrust themselves to the GE method for the purchase of their dream property, and who are completely satisfied with our Group and work.

Nicolò Cordone

The official interview with Nicolò Cordone about the sale of “Tenuta Santa Cristina” will be online soon: you will have the possibility to discover all the details about this important result reached by Nicolò, as well as some further information about the GE Property Finder contract.

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