Great Estate and Vinci Properties: The virtual sale of “San Marco”

Great Estate and Vinci Properties: The virtual sale of “San Marco”

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The virtual sale of the magnificent “San Marco” farmhouse, made official on October 1st, confirms the important synergy between Great Estate and the partner agency “Vinci Properties”. The interview with the two professionals of the Marche group who managed the selling part: Stefano Marini and Bianca Zampaloni

– Stefano, Bianca, well found and congratulations on the VIRTUAL sale of “San Marco”! Would you like to tell us about this property and the selling customers?

We first met the property and then the sellers through common acquaintances in Camporotondo di Fiastrone. They are from the UK and had always exploited their farmhouse during the holidays. However, in recent times the consequences generated by the pandemic have forced them to use it very little: this was the main reason for their decision to sell the property.

After visiting the farmhouse, we immediately found it interesting and suitable to the needs of our customers, for the quality and style of the renovation, the excellent exposure, and the location that offers a splendid view of the mountains. In addition, the property boasts particularly bright and spacious interiors.

These are the reasons this house was proposed to SS. Bradshaw. In fact, the current owners were looking for a villa that had all these characteristics.


– Great. What can you tell us about the market value of “San Marco”?

As always, we valued the property using our The Best Price tool: the value was 10% lower than the price requested by the owners. Consequently, we considered the property to be absolutely acquirable.

What can I say about The Best Price?…also in this case it proved to be a truly indispensable tool in the acquisition process!

– Perfect! Stefano, Bianca now we would like to find out how the negotiation went …

Of course! The buyers, masterfully managed by our colleague Roberto Biggera, thanks to Great Estate’s “Virtual Visits” had viewed various properties remotely, both in the Marche region and beyond, including lower priced properties. In the end, they decided to submit a purchase proposal for “San Marco”.

The negotiation began with a lower offer than what was requested by the selling party, and then closed, after a few days and many telephone calls and several comparison emails between the two parties, until the final sale price was reached.

At the time of the purchase proposal, a technical due diligence /inspection of the property was requested in order to verify the urban aspects. The cadastral documents were already in our possession, but most of the urban planning ones were filed with the local Town Hall, so we had to access those documents.

The due diligence allowed us to discover some urban planning and cadastral problems to be solved, but thanks to the agreement and the commitment of the owners to proceed with the arrangement in a relatively short period of  time, we were able to sign the preliminary agreement/sale (the the final sale on October 1st).

– Finally, are you satisfied with this sale?

Yes, absolutely!
Because despite some difficulties encountered along the way, the synergy generated by our working group allowed us to resolve all the obstacles that appeared first at the preliminary downpayment and then in the closing, without any repercussions in the success of the deal!

Another virtual sale for the Great Estate Network and another couple of international clients who have finally been able to make their dream come true!
Continue to follow us on all our social channels … Coming up soon: the interview with SS. Bradshaw, the new owners of the splendid “San Marco” farmhouse


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