Home Staging Lovers interviews Stefano Petri, the GE Network CEO

Home Staging Lovers interviews Stefano Petri, the GE Network CEO

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Last June, “Home Staging Lovers” interviewed the GE Network CEO, Stefano Petri: how much and how can this innovative real estate strategy be useful within the luxury real estate sector?

Home Staging Lovers” is a trade association working on the whole national and international area by promoting, through different initiatives, the Home Staging and the role of the home stagers, the professionals of the real estate valorisation who, by giving a new life to the homes, incentivize the properties for their rapid and profitable positioning on the market.

From an idea of the national deputy manager of this association, Ilaria Mari, architect, home stager and coach, the interview with Stefano Petri –  the Great Estate Immobiliare CEO –  was created.

What does he think about the importance of the Home Staging within the “Luxury” sector?

Watch this Zoom video-interview with Stefano Petri and Arianna Leva, the national counsellor of the “Home Staging Lovers” association.

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