“Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”: a very difficult but educational sale

“Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”: a very difficult but educational sale

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Do you know that last September 16th the GE Group celebrated the sale of a charming property a few kilometres from Orvieto? It is a farmhouse called “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”, sold to an international couple – Mr and Mrs Krol – who were managed by our consultant Suzanne Van Ravenstein. We interviewed her.

Through the help of our CEO, Mr Stefano Petri, the GE consultants Valter Luciani and Suzanne Van Ravenstein celebrated an important – even if very hard to reach – goal on September 16th, 2020: the sale of “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”.

It is a traditional stone farmhouse, warm and with very bright rooms, surrounded by a charming park where some centuries-old olive trees stand. The house is in a very private location, but not too isolated, near Torre San Severo, ten kilometres from Orvieto.

This is a true oasis of peace. Today, it has become the country home of an international couple, Mr and Mrs Krol who were perfectly managed by the GE consultant Suzanne Van Ravenstein during the long and hard negotiation that characterized this sale.

Would you like to discover her point of view?
Read the interview below.

Welcome, Suzanne. Congratulations on your recent success. First of all, would you like to tell us something about the clients who purchased “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”?

My first contact with them dates back to September 2019, after Mr and Mrs Krol sent us a request right through our website. He knows Italian, but he was born in the UK (his dad is from Poland, his mum from Italy). Mrs Krol, instead, was born in Poland.

They were very interested in some farmhouses located in Umbria, near Todi, but they did not have any vineyard: the property they were looking for must have had it.

I had visited “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” in Orvieto with another client right the day before meeting Mr and Mrs Krol. For this reason, the next day I decided to bring them there too.

They immediately liked it… but they were still not aware of the problems that they would have to face, especially with the vendors.

The vendors were managed by my colleague, Mr Valter Luciani, and the lawyer Luca Pamploni: given the different situations that we had to face, both did a great job. Indeed, even during the lock-down and the consequent temporary closing of the offices, they committed themselves to maintain the contacts with the Municipality of Orvieto and the Tribunal of Terni.

Which kind of property were they looking for? Where?

They were looking for a farmhouse in Umbria, with a swimming pool and vineyard. In the beginning, they chose the area of Todi. Today, instead, after having purchased “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”, they are very glad and satisfied to have changed their mind by choosing the area of Orvieto. They think it is better for everything it offers and its vicinity to Tuscany.

The properties we visited together during our two-days-visits turn were three: two in Todi and “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” in Orvieto.

Why the decision of purchasing “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari”?

According to Mr and Mrs Krol, the properties located near Todi had some very high maintenance costs and, as already said, they had no vineyards.

On the contrary, “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” represented their ideal property: indeed, it had all they were looking for – including a guesthouse, the same that caused us several problems.

How will they use this property in the future?

First, they will renovate and clean it up so as to bring “Isola Degli Ulivi Secolari” back to its original and incredible beauty (discover the property here).

Once the cleaning is complete, it will become the home where they can spend their holidays and perhaps one day, in the future, they will move permanently to Umbria: in fact, both Mr and Mrs Krol are close to retirement.

What are your personal considerations regarding this sale?

It was an important, difficult and complicated experience, but also an educational one.

In this regard, I suggest you read the considerations of my colleague Valter Luciani who managed the vendors right about this sale. From that, you could understand the many difficulties we faced during this negotiation.

To conclude, my congratulations go to both the vendors’ lawyer, Mr Pamploni, and Notary Antonio Zorzi: two important people who allowed us to reach this important goal!

In particular, the skills and professionalism of Notary Zorzi made the buyers maintain their trust in the GE Group.

This is one of the advantages Great Estate can offer you: having the best professionals at your disposal able to solve for you every possible discrepancy can emerge during a real estate negotiation.

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