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Great Estate, a leading network in the prestigious real estate sector, continues to grow in the region of Umbria and will be opening a new agency in Spoleto–right in the historic center

On December 8th, the new Umbrian Great Estate headquarters will open to the public. Located in the heart of Spoleto, in via Arco di Druso 15. the office will be headed up by Dr. Filippo Cori, Carla Caselli, and Dr. Antonella Compagnucci.

Filippo Cori from Spoleto, boasts a linguistic and management background and has extensive experience in the real estate field.

Carla Caselli has a background in tourism and a long-time experience as a visor, carrying out this activity for years for the Great Estate group. To this, she adds experience in the real estate sector as a GE consultant for over 15 years (in the Spoleto area) as well as in the province of Perugia.

Finally, Antonella Compagnucci is a Rome native who currently resides in Umbria. A former entrepreneur in the hospitality tourism sector, she moved to the real estate sector, where she put her twenty years of experience to good use.

The opening of the new Great Estate agency in Spoleto follows that of the Orvieto office, inaugurated last February, thus strengthening an increased presence in Umbria as a point of reference in the sale of farmhouses, villas and prestigious houses to a select clientele that is both Italian and international.

Currently, our group is present in Umbria with the offices of Città della Pieve, Castiglione del Lago, Perugia, Spoleto, Orvieto and Todi. Ttherefore, we can proudly affirm that almost 100% of the Umbrian territory feels our presence. In the near future there is the desire to expand our Perugia and Todi office staff, as well as open new offices in the Gubbio-Città di Castello area.

During 2021 Great Estate also expanded in Tuscany, namely with the partnership with Alunno Immobiliare Cortona Real Estate, which became part of the Great Estate Network and then last October with the inauguration of a new agency in the center of Montepulciano, in partnership with Rolling Hills. These expansions are connected to the historical headquarters of the group, located in San Casciano dei Bagni, including Cetona and those in the coastal towns of  Porto Santo Stefano and San Vincenzo.

The desire to expand the presence of the group, in Umbria as well as in Tuscany, is strong and in line with the Great Estate business plan, which includes a four-year vision for 2022-2025 with 100 offices throughout beautiful Italy.

With every decision, it’s the synergy that makes the difference. A combination of high level professionalism and experience in the Real Estate sector with the excellent IT services available for buyers and sellers, allows us to offer the best advice to the final customer. This is a mission that we intend to carry out with an increasingly wide range action plan.

explains the CEO of the Great Estate Real Estate Network, Stefano Petri

He continues:

As we’ve seen with other Great Estate office locations, the enhancement of a territory and it has to offer and the real estate offerings – have a strong connection. For that reason we’re very proud to assist national and international clients, who rely on the network to discover our widening and magnificent territory. 

Strengthened by our motto “Professionalism and Innovation”, the great experience of over 70 professionals and the numerous tools made available by the network, to serve our customers, buyers and sellers––we open the doors of the new Great Estate headquarters in Spoleto with the awareness of being able to offer the best solutions in that particular real estate sector.

Therefore, a new and elegant location for the group founded by CEO Stefano Petri, located in the wonderful historic center of the Umbrian city, in Via Arco Di Druso 15, where our consultants Carla Caselli, Antonella Compagnucci and Filippo Cori will be ready to welcome you purchase or sell a prestigious property in Spoleto and its surroundings!


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