Travel between regions and provinces, and property visits: rules for real estate agents and clients

Travel between regions and provinces, and property visits: rules for real estate agents and clients

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Real estate agencies opening, the possibility of travel from your home to reach the agency and to do property visits: discover everything you need to know about it in this article.

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Today, we want to give you some precious information about the possibility to travel between regions and about the possibility to do property visits on the spot. In this historical moment, those are fundamental information both in case you manage a real estate agency or if you are a client.


The client is free to move to reach the agency and to visit the properties he/she is willing to purchase, but the following conditions have to be respected:

  • All the precautionary safety measures have to be completely fulfilled;
  • It is preferred to go to the agency by a previously-established appointment;
  • The properties object of a visit – if possible – should not be lived or occupied during the property visit;
  • Within the red, orange, and dark-orange areas, if the agency and/or the property are located in a municipality that is not the same as the one where the client lives, and if the agency and/or property to be visited are in another region, it is mandatory for the client to bring with him/herself the self-certification and to justify the travel as “reasons of absolute necessity”. The entity of this “necessity” is something that only the client (and not the real estate agent) can estimate and value as existent, by taking so him/herself the responsibility for that.

Only within the orange and dark-orange areas, if the client reaches an agency located in a municipality that is not the same as his/her residence, he/she can highlight – within his/her certification – “use of a non-suspended service” (the one issued by the real estate agencies) as the reason of the travel.


Apart from the “colour” (red, orange, dark-orange, yellow, and white) of the province or region, performing as real estate agents is allowed – the real estate sector is not considered as a “retail trade”, and it is not included within attachment 23 of the last Italian DPCM.

For this reason, the real estate agencies can continue their activity by respecting all the precautionary safety measures and anti-Covid protocols.

In order to travel from your own home to your agency, self-certification is requested if:

  • You are living in a red area where also your agency is based on;
  • In the case of orange and dark-orange areas, if the agency is located in another municipality respect to the one you are living in;
  • The agency is located in another region respect the one where you are living (and despite the “colour” of the region). The self-certification has to be completed and signed by justifying the reason for the travel as “essential work”.

The real estate agents can do a property visit to all the property typologies (even if those are lived or, in general, occupied) in whichever areas (including if in another region). However, it is mandatory to meet the following points:

  • Respecting all the precautionary safety measures;
  • The properties, if possible, should not be lived or occupied during the visits;
  • It is mandatory to bring with yourself the already-filled self-certification by justifying the travel reason as “essential work” within the red, orange, and dark orange areas, and if the property is located in a municipality that is not the same as the agency office or if it is in another region.

Finally, the agencies can welcome their clients in their offices apart from the colour of the area where they are, and subject to the specifics about the client previously highlighted.

It is suggested to welcome the clients by appointment, so as to avoid any possible people gathering and reduce contacts in presence through the use of digital platforms.

In this regard, we want to remember you that – precisely to face the limitation connected to the travels and property visits – the Group led by Stefano Petri has developed, during last year, some cutting-edge projects: the “Virtual Visits” and “Virtual Open House”. Both are aimed to allow every client to remotely “visit” our properties.

Indeed, thanks to the commitment and teamwork of our professionals – among who some communication-, IT- and video makers specialists – we were able to create a specific platform that can now boast more than 400 videos that you can watch by log into your private area of the website: in this way, every buyer has the exclusive possibility to remotely visit his/her real estate Italian dream.

In this particular historic moment, the projects “Virtual Visits” and “Virtual Open House” proved themselves to be a very efficient and powerful solution to face the current difficulties, by bringing us so – to date – to ten virtual sales already.

If you want to learn more about it, we suggest you to read:

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Marianna Gaiotto

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  1. Valerie

    We live in the USA. Can we come to Italy and move from region to region to visit properties?

    • Virginia Vaccaro

      Dear Mrs Valerie,

      considering what we have written in the article, once you arrive in Italy, you can move between regions with self-certification specifying that you want to use an open service. For more specific information, we suggest you also consult the Consulate and the Embassy.
      Best regards,

      Great Estate Team

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