Alberto Zarro: the presentation of a property is fundamental

Alberto Zarro: the presentation of a property is fundamental

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On December, 22th 2020, the cooperation between Great Estate and its partner agency Rolling Hills created a new sale that goes over a million euros of value: “Podere I Caselli”. Alberto Zarro’s point of view, the professional of Rolling Hills who managed the vendors: the presentation of a property is fundamental.


We knew Mr. Reynoldson in July 2018. He purchased the house in 1996, and he used to live there for a part of the year (from spring to winter).

In this case, we decided to get in contact with him. In that period, we were doing a research for a client interested in the purchase of a house right in the area of “Podere I Caselli”: Murlo. After having seen this property for sale online, we localized it in Google Maps. We left a letter of presentation of our agency at the home, underlining so our interest for a possible cooperation for the sale.

A few days later, Mr. Reynoldson replied, so we organized a first property visit. Right from the first moment, we immediately loved the quality of the property and its beauty.

“Podere I Caselli” is the perfect mix of the features usually requested by the buyers: a very well renovated home with a swimming pool, located in an open and panoramic position but, in the meantime, not too isolated.

The renovation of the farmhouse was great: huge spaces both in the living and sleeping areas on the ground and first floor.

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Moreover, during the visits, the property has always been presented in a very perfect way. The owners have maintained the whole property in the best way possible. I remember that every time we made a visit, there was nothing misplaced.

This particular attention to maintenance has surely played a fundamental role in the sale.

This aspect is usually underestimated by the majority of the sellers.

I understand that, when you are living in a property that you want to sale, it becomes very hard to maintain it in order with the occasion of the many property visits with clients. However,…

the first impression is everything!

During a visit, we as agents have a few minutes to “let the clients understand” a property: surely, finding a home in a mess and not well-maintained outdoor is not helpful to this purpose!

Moreover, we have to bear in mind that we are talking of high prices!

When we enter into a luxury clothing shop, the quality of the materials sold is fundamental, but I can assure you that “the frame” has not to be underestimated too: the layout, furnishing, lighting, music, perfumes, etc. all the details have to be taken into consideration in order to highlight the features of the object we are buying.

So, the same goes for a prestigious property as well.

Personally, to the property owners that I manage, I always suggest:

“honestly, would you spend the same amount for a luxury dress if that dress is in a market stall in your small town?”


This property was on the market with different agencies already. When we received our assignment for sale, Rolling Hills was not a partner of Great Estate already. For this reason, we did not create any specific marketing plan or used The Best Price for the property estimate.

At the beginning of 2019, the seller decided to stop the assignment he had with us: this was because of the few properties visits we made there, and our clients’ feedback suggesting a price reduction.

However, despite this, he said to us that we could propose “Podere I Caselli” to our potential buyers if we would.


Together with the GE consultant Roberto Biggera – who managed the buyers of “Podere I Caselli” – we started the visits to some properties.

Even if his clients had established a lower budget for their purchase, we have never lost our hopes. Indeed, after having clarified their needs, we proposed to them some “focused” listings.

So, they finally fell in love with two properties: the one they purchased (“Podere I Caselli” in Murlo), and another one in Montepulciano. Surely, prices were higher than their initial budget.

However, Roberto identified a broker aimed to finance the purchase of the clients… so, the choice came!

During the negotiation, we did not find any particular problem because the due diligence was already made. This is something we always suggest our clients do.

We had to fix just some little details, while the loan approval took us a little.

However, we were able to sign the final deed of sale within four months!

I am very satisfied with the result obtained, especially because I had the pleasure to work with a professional like Roberto Biggera that… makes the difference!

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