Great Estate services partners: the Giulianelli – Ottaviani Technical Study

Great Estate services partners: the Giulianelli – Ottaviani Technical Study

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We interviewed Alessandro Giulianelli, a surveyor and the co-founder of the Giulianelli – Ottaviani Technical Study, a services partner of the Great Estate group.

Good morning Alessandro. For those who do not know you, would you like to tell us something about you?

I come from San Casciano Dei Bagni, where my family lives. I grew up in this places, fascinated by their beauty. I had a technical education and, after 15 years in the field, I decided to found my own surveyor business right in my native town.

Now, let’s start to talk about your activity. Do you have some partners and/or colleagues?

After 15 years in the field, my colleague – the surveyor Oris Ottaviani – and I founded the iProject company in 2013. However, the following year, we decided to stop it and to continue just to collaborate together. With the will of create a young and dynamic team, I started to put into practise my experiences and skills. So, my business project started to take form and show its results. Indeed, integrating itself with the different skills of the architects Susanna Paradisi, Silvia Leandri and Paola Del Secco, as well as thanks to the collaboration with Oris, the study has developed in a very few years. All of us, sharing the same objective and having every one his/her own personality and skills, contributed to reach our final goal, the customer satisfaction.

What do you deal with precisely?

We deal with the entire planning process: from the interpreting of the customers’ will to the building and urbanistic papers presentation needed. Through our relationship with many agencies and professionals and in order to reach the prefixed objectives, we help the clients to concretely realize their dreams by super-visioning the works and daily verifying the building site conditions.

How did you meet Great Estate?

In 2000, even before the creation of Great Estate, I met Stefano Petri: from that moment, our friendship started. Our business and collaboration has never stopped.

Since how many years are you a G.E. partner? Why did you start this partnership?

I am a partner since 2013, my company year of foundation. The Great Estate group contributed and still contributes to the development of my study. Stefano, by giving me the motivation and dedication needed, was essential for my business project realization. The professionalism and the reliability of Great Estate make a daily business collaboration possible. This is also improved by a common working planning and methodology that allow us to cooperate in order to reach every goal.

In your opinion, how were this years of collaboration? What do you think about the group?

In addition to a strong friendship, our relationship with Great Estate is based on common objectives aimed to satisfy the clients. The G.E. group is composed by a very efficient and expert team… a dynamic and ever grooving reality!

Can you tell us something about your more recent works done in collaboration with Great Estate?

One of them was “La Cascina” farmhouse renovation work in San Casciano Dei Bagni. Thanks to a synergetic and team work, we were able to satisfy the customer’s needs and to realize his Tuscan dream. Both the internal and the external spaces of the property were modified by following the client’s will and wishes, but still exalting the original building features.

Is any new project taking place at the moment?

One of the last projects concerns the renovation of a farmhouse in Sarteano. With its view on the Val Di Chiana valley, it includes an annex and a swimming pool too.

What do you think about your collaboration with Great Estate in the future?

The already consolidated professional and personal respect between me, my colleagues and the Great Estate group can only increase.

A special thanks to Alessandro Giulianelli and his entire team.

If you want to be a Great Estate partner too, contact our head office.


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