“Il Felceto” sale, Great Estate welcomes 2018

“Il Felceto” sale, Great Estate welcomes 2018

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Stefano Petri’s group (read here his article), by confirming itself as the referring agency for all those international clients who want to purchase a prestigious property in Italy, signed another important goal.

The Great Estate 2018 has started with the celebration of another international sale, thanks to which a Dutch couple is currently the new owner of “Il Felceto” farmhouse, located near Cetona. An important sale of more than 800.000,00€ confirming, one time again, the “particularly international” profile reached by the Group.

Il Felceto” farmhouse (click here to discover the property) perfectly mixes itself, with its fascinating and green location, with the landscape around Cetona. A well renovated country estate of an optimal size.

The negotiation – which involved our consultants Stefano Petri and Chiara Pompili for the vendors and Roberto Biggera for the buyers – lasted about a month. The preliminary contact of sale signing took place in September 2017, while the final deed one in January 2018.

We met Chiara Pompili, who told us about this her last professional success.

Chiara Pompili

I have to affirm that teamwork was the element at the base of the successful sale of “Il Felceto”.

However, a short but important introduction has to be made: the ex-owner of the property – Mr. Milvio Riccardi (read here his interview) – is an “historic” client and friend of Stefano Petri, who perfectly managed the farmhouse sale until last year, when I personally started its co-managing it in order to support Stefano himself, whose numerous tasks had brought him all over Italy.

For the promotion and sale of “Il Felceto”, some modern strategies were used: a professional photo-shooting, a Drone video and a specific marketing plan. Given its strong advertisement abroad, it is not a surprise that the buyers are a Dutch couple. Surely, the recent price revision had a fundamental role too. Thanks to the support of our IT system Reality For G.E.P. (read here our article), the ex-owner was able to understand and accept the importance of this price reduction. Once again, our Method proved to be fundamental. Indeed, we were able to establish a trust and sharing relationship between our Group and Mr. Riccardi, to who we were able to demonstrate, through some efficient and modern tools, the great work we made for the promotion and sale of his property (read here our article about the GE Method).

I am still smiling when thinking about the particular moment of the furniture inventory creation: during the negotiation, even if it is clear that the vendor wants to sell while the buyer to purchase, feelings have a very huge role: deciding what to include into the sale or not, assumes a fundamental importance. Move forward and close a beautiful chapter of your life is not so easy. Anyway, I believe that, in the specific case of “Il Felceto”, the game ended with an incredible victory of everyone.

I am very glad to have taken part to this amazing team!

Chiara Pompili

Browse our Magazine to discover all the details about the “Il Felceto” sale with the interviews to Mr. Milvio Riccardi and the new owners of the property.

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