Stefano Petri and the sale of “La Quercia Illuminata”: pride and satisfaction

Stefano Petri and the sale of “La Quercia Illuminata”: pride and satisfaction

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The sale of the amazing Umbrian farmhouse: the opinion of our CEO Stefano Petri who, during the recently closed negotiation, managed the vendors.

Hi Stefano. Your group has recently closed the sale of a typical Umbrian farmhouse in a really record time: five months only. What would you like to tell us about that?

Good morning everybody. I am really proud to tell you something about this extraordinary working success that, somehow, embraces different experiences and results which arise from the perfect realization of the G.E. methodology. I have been knowing the “La Quercia Illuminata” ex-owners (discover the property here) since a very long time: they own one of the most important technical study of our area and, inside their farmhouse, they had put all the experience and aesthetic taste reached during their working years.

The architect Laura Terziani was able to give style and an extraordinary lightness to the whole intervention, while the surveyor Stefano Rocchini imprinted concreteness to the project through the realization of some advanced building solutions. A perfect union which produced an excellent result that I think has been the base of this success.

Starting from the property evaluation, we, as Great Estate, tried to give our best consultation to the clients. I personally went to visit the farmhouse, producing then its evaluation through The Best Price software (click here to read our article about it). Both Laura’s and Stefano’s professionalism and competence have ensured that The Best Price value of 900.000 euros could have been immediately recognized by the couple as the right marketing price of their property.

After that, we agreed the advertising modalities by choosing our Silver Marketing Plan and, in addition to it, the realization of a drone video and an internal 360° video (discover them here). Those are all activities which allowed us to position ourselves on the market with a top quality presentation of a right priced product. Indeed, since the beginning, some positive feedbacks had come out: 10 visits in just five months allowed us to find those buyers who, for the farmhouse purchase, offered the precise price established by our evaluation.

In a so difficult moment for the real estate market, sell a prestigious property like this one in just five months has absolutely been an extraordinary result! For this purpose, how important is the vendors’ complete understanding of the different Great Estate methodology aspects?

It is fundamental. Our great luck was to have a perfect starting base: Laura and Stefano built and, above all, perfectly maintained the farmhouse. Often, we tell our clients about the importance of their properties presentation but, in Italy, it is really hard to make them understand the “Home Staging” concept (click here to read our article); experiences like this one confirm and enforced it.

Secondly, there was a vendors’ complete understanding of The Best Price software impartial evaluation. We have often some difficulties to let our evaluations, fundamental elements to reach a great result like this, be understood. This is because the sellers usually believe that our purpose it to “simplify” our job by “devaluing” their properties. Instead, they do not realize that facing the market with a requested price that overpasses the real property value of 10% turns every marketing activities unsuccessful.

The perfect presentation of the farmhouse, with a great attention to the details, including the name of the property agreed with the owners which underlined itself one of the many plus of this property (“La Quercia Illuminata”), had a huge importance.

Finally, the numeric strength of our group which currently includes more than 80 professionals in different offices, as well as their experience and professionalism, played a fundamental role too.

Reaching a so important goal is the result of different synergetic activities: have they all the same importance?

Absolutely yes. If just one of them would not been done in the best way, today we would be thinking about the failed result. Our “Three E rule” (discover it here) is fundamental: without a right sale price, or a great national and international visibility and a group that, monthly, tests and modifies the results, this would not be possible.

You are very proud of this goal! Do you consider this sale different respect to the others closed by the group? If yes, why?

Yes, I am very proud and for many reasons. First of all, I wanted to prove to two great real estate professionals as Laura and Stefano the concrete potentialities of our team and I believe to have reached this goal too. Second, I had to deal with real professionals: so, everything we would like to be in any assignment of sale had realized precisely because of the vendors’ complete understanding of our consultations.

Often, when a seller, after receiving our advices, decides to use a different strategy than the one suggested, I use a comparison: a patient goes to a doctor who gives him/her a therapy, but the patient him/herself decides not to follow it and to choose another one…if something not desired comes out, who should be the responsible? The patient of course.. instead, we often have to respond of a “failed result” caused essentially by a sale strategy planning of the vendor him/herself.

Every day we try to improve ourselves to let our clients understand that, goals as the current sale, are reachable thanks to the great experience of the group only.

I personally thank both Laura and Stefano who had seen us working and who had shared this beautiful experience with us.

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