The sale of “Torre Del Colle”: tenacity, commitment, and the strength of The Best Price

The sale of “Torre Del Colle”: tenacity, commitment, and the strength of The Best Price

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In April, the group led by Stefano Petri realised, among others, the sale of the charming “Torre Del Colle”, located near the medieval village of Bevagna, in Umbria. A success for which The Best Price undoubtedly made the difference! The impressions of Carla Caselli, GE consultant who managed the seller.

We are located in the greenest heart of Umbria, on the outskirts of Bevagna, a medieval wonder just a few kilometres from the village of Montefalco and the towns of Spello and Assisi.

Torre Del Colle” is situated in these beautiful surroundings, a charming property whose recently renovated main house bears the signature of the famous architect Sartogo.
“Torre Del Colle” is surrounded by about 14 hectares of land, including a vineyard with Sagrantino D.O.C. plants, and a characteristic olive grove. Thanks to its position, “Torre Del Colle” offers a splendid panorama that embraces the nearby medieval village and the colourful surrounding countryside.

Thanks to the perfect teamwork of the Great Estate consultants Valter Luciani and Carla Caselli, “Torre Del Colle” was officially purchased on April 9th by an Italian client managed by Valter. Assisting the selling party was Carla Caselli who told us about her observations on this sale.

The selling clients of “Torre Del Colle” are relatives of a well-known Italian family, long-standing clients of our group. They had inherited the property from their parents, but had never lived there, except for short and sporadic periods of time.

From the first time I saw “Torre Del Colle”, it immediately appeared to me as a property with a lot of potential: it has a very interesting architectural structure and is situated in an enchanting location, with a magnificent view of Assisi, and in an area full of events.

Initially, the clients entrusted the sale of “Torre Del Colle” not only to Great Estate, but also to other agencies. However, as time went by, I managed to convince them to continue their collaboration with only two properties, including ours of course.

I must admit that over the years I have worked a lot on this property, in order to convince the owners not only to reduce the number of agencies with which to work but, above all, to adjust the asking price of “Torre Del Colle” to its real market value which, in collaboration with our valuation department, I had obtained through our internal software The Best Price.

The price initially requested by the selling party exceeded one million euros (including land): a far cry from the value released by The Best Price, which was 730,000 euros.
N.B. The prices of 2019 and 2020 refer ONLY TO THE REAL ESTATE PART, while the one adopted from 20/04/2021, IS INCLUDED INCLUDING ALSO THE LAND, and therefore referred to the property as a whole.

However, I have never lost my heart. On the contrary, with great tenacity, over time I have constantly tried to make the sellers understand that it is essential, in order to sell “Torre Del Colle”, to adjust the asking price to the real market value of the property.

Finally, after a lot of work, the customers became aware of this, adjusting the asking price (from 20/04/2021): thanks to this operation, within a few months “Torre Del Colle” found its ideal buyer.

In this respect, I would like to highlight one FUNDAMENTAL fact.
The differential between the property valuation obtained through T.B.P. (780,000 €) and the final sale price was 0.68 percentage points: this confirms the extraordinary effectiveness achieved by our T.B.P. tool.

I would like to make a clarification. Right from the start, the buyer was officially managed by my colleague Valter Luciani; however, for logistical reasons (as I am the Great Estate consultant responsible for the area of Spoleto and the surrounding area), we both agreed that I would be the one to actually take care of the visits, personally accompanying the buyer to view the properties he was interested in.

Initially, he himself had chosen the Todi area. However, before he made his final decision, and again in full agreement with Valter, I wanted him to discover other parts of Umbria.

In particular, I knew that among the properties I had acquired there was one that was particularly interesting, located in a fantastic area near enchanting Umbrian towns such as Bevagna, Montefalco, Spello and Assisi: magnificent areas, rich in vineyards and olive groves.

And it is precisely for this reason that, on the day we viewed “Torre Del Colle”, I also took the client to visit the wine cellar of “Tenuta Castelbuono”, where there is the wonderful work of art by the well-known Arnaldo Pomodoro, “IL CARAPACE”.

I believe that on that very occasion the buyers realised that this was the area he really wanted to invest in, by buying a prestigious property!

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