2018 analysis: the Great Estate method and Stefano Petri’s comments

2018 analysis: the Great Estate method and Stefano Petri’s comments

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After the analysis of Stefano Petri about the Great Estate 2018 new clients (point 1) and sales (point 2) total number achieved, we are going to propose you the second part of this analysis including our CEO’s considerations.

3. The importance of the Great Estate Method 

All the beautiful results achieved in 2018 are because of Great Estate Method too. Its first step concerns the property Estimate.

Some vendors, in many instances, accuse us to have the will of selling their properties at lower prices. Instead, we claim that our estimations are part of an important consultancy, which is essential to take the right decisions. Thanks to The Best Price software (click here to discover more about it), we are now able to offer performing, clear and impartial properties valuations. Regarding this topic, I am proud to show you the analysis of the 2018 sales: the average between the sale-and-purchase and our estimated values highlights a gap that goes from 0% (estimate and sale price are identical) to 10%. Statistically, those percentages coincide to “0” and confirm us the quality and the foresight of a so powerful tool.

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It is fundamental to analyse those data to let our sellers understand the importance of an objective property estimation in line with the market. Indeed, I give you some graphs which speak for themselves:

2018 house prices variation in the main Italian cities graph:

Like I affirmed in my year-beginning articles while all the other news about this topic announced a recovery moment, it is clear how, in 2018, the real estate values have continued to decrease. The only increasing data is referred to the transactions number: an element strictly connected to the real estate values which, while decreasing, make the buyers perceive the possibility to realize an investment.

If we give a look at the other graphs – which I have personally taken from Immobiliare.it -, they need deeper analysis. Portals like Immobiliare.it take into consideration residential/first home property types mainly, which is something we, as Group, do not properly deal with. Instead, we noticed that the real estate values of recently renovated prestigious farmhouses and villas with swimming pool, beautiful parks/gardens and a location near the most appreciated historical centres had a minor decrease, or even a constancy. 

Indeed, by preferring perfectly renovated, modern and ready to move in houses, the 2018 international buyers’ market had mostly focused itself on this property kinds.

As an example, I chose some provinces and municipalities where our group mainly works: it is clear how the value curve, in every case, is descending. Moreover, from the beginning of the year to August-September 2018, variations are higher than the ones identified by the O.M.I. for the big cities. For this reason, talking about a 10% value decreasing is absolutely real and unpredictable.

This means that, for instance, to every client to who, at the beginning of 2018, we had communicated an 1 million-euros value for his/her property and he/she, thinking that if someone would have been really interested on it would have also did an offer in any case, decided to put the house on the market at 1.2 or 1.3 million-euros, now we have had probably to communicate to this client that his/her property currently has a 900.000 euros value and so, waiting for someone who probably would never come, the property has lost the 10% of its value.

This is to confirm, once again, the fundamental importance of a good positioning on the market in order to not waist your time and, above all, to avoid your property to lose value.

Regarding the Exposure, we have already share, at point 1, how the entire GE group is performing on this field. About the Examination, within March 2019 a new update of online statistics will be released in order to further improve our IT tools given to the clients.

4. Conclusion

I would like to conclude this analysis underling how, day by day, the awareness of the Group about the consultancy high quality level is increasing. Moreover, I believe that if the market, especially the one of the vendors, would be able to understand the complexity and the ability of those tools, as well as of every professional of the group, it could reduce, or ever eliminate, the waste of both time and value, optimizing the real estate patrimony of the properties.

For this reason, I think that it is even more important to be able to understand how, the identification of the right client for an important property is such a complex and fragile process! For this reason, a costumer should entrust him/herself to who created, developed and is still developing huge skills and professionalism in the Real Estate field.

This is why I would like to personally address myself to every client of us, to make him/her understand how important he/she is for us and how, precisely for this reason, our group is daily trying to improve itself:

every professional of the group is ready to give you the best consultancy possible, so that, together, we will be able to reach the best results possible, as many clients have already did.


Click below to read some interviews of clients, both buyers and sellers, who, entrusting themselves to the Great Estate Group, reached great results .. soon we could have to interview you too!

If you missed the first part of our CEO’s analysis, don’t worry! Click here.

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