The sale of “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia”: The Story of a Dream Come True

The sale of “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia”: The Story of a Dream Come True

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Do you remember the article dedicated to the sales of our Hariet Nijhuis? One of these sales was for “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia”––a wonderful property located a stone’s throw from the village of San Casciano Dei Bagni. The property was purchased by an American client managed by G.E. consultant Valter Luciani

Among the sales made by the international consultant GE Hariet Nijhuis in the first half of 2021, we also reported that of “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia”, a wonderful property located a stone’s throw from the village of San Casciano Dei Bagni. Hariet took care of the management of all potential and active Dutch buyers. Instead, the buyer was able to count on the support and professionalism of our local, on ground Valter Luciani.

Here’s the full story:

The client who bought “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia” is Viola. She lives and works in America, in Atlanta, but her origins are Italian (Sicilian to be precise). In 2016 I contacted her sister Rossana, who wanted to buy a farmhouse in Tuscany located in a beautiful location.

Viola initially wanted to buy an apartment in Rome; then she received from her sister the ad about the magnificent farmhouse “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia. Having visited it 5 years earlier with Rossana, she did not hesitate to contact me and ask for information. In fact, together with her sister and companion, in 2016 we visited a series of properties between Umbria and Tuscany.

During one of those inspections, we met at “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia” and, from that moment on–the beauty and essence of the property impressed and charmed Viola very much.

However, after a series of circumstances, the selling of the house was put on hold. The owner was waiting for the right time to come to reopen it.

And this happened after almost 5 years!

The owner took the house off the market. Then, in the beginning of 2021, when the property went up for sale again,Viola remembered what an impression it made on her and I did not hesitate to send the updated link of the property to the sister.

“La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia” was presented with a facelift and a reasonable price decidedly in line with market value, thanks to the property valuation carried out using our T.B.P evaluation software.

Rossana, who had certainly not forgotten about this amazing property, contacted Viola immediately and encouraged her to submit an offer for the farmhouse…and so it was!

Despite not having seen the property again, after 5 years and thanks to the new, magnificent video and photo presentation of the property Viola relived (from a distance) the wonderful views of this enchanting location, all the splendid views over the the Val D’Orcia, the village of San Casciano and a small lake facing South (with gorgeous sunsets!).
I remember going to the farmhouse and having a video call with Viola–allowing a virtual “bridge” between San Casciano Dei Bagni and Atlanta that brought her immediately back to everything she had seen and experienced in the past, confirming and strengthening her keen interest.

It should be underscored that during this pandemic period, GE has enhanced and promoted the use of our Virtual Visits project as much as possible as it offers an important, very current method of visual communication with great results and sincere appreciation from our long distance clients!

With the sale of “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia”, videos and virtual tours have been our strength. They are key tools in the negotiation process–and ultimately–the happiness of our customers. Back to the sale of this property: the negotiation began immediately after early video conferences with Viola, myself and C.E.O. Stefano Petri. We followed her interests with mutual trust and great professionalism and quickly prepared the purchase proposal to avoid further showings of the property and to secure this opportunity for Viola.

The seller’s surveyor carried out a careful inspection and review of the urban-cadastral situation of the property (partly arranged over past years, and then redefined during the negotiation).

The initial negotiations were made with a collaboration and engagement with Rossana.
With her help, various technical aspects had been examined early on, with careful, scrupulous checks and reports (a complex job) with just a few steps, getting closer to the finish line.

With some patience and even a little suspense we met the needs of everyone involved. And so, we drafted up the preliminary agreement first and then the final deed in Rome with Viola’s family notary–a very detail-oriented professional who has been a key player in completing and endorsing the numerous pages of this story.

I was counting a lot on this sale. In the past five years, I never gave up and I have never lost the courage to make it happen!

Many Great Estate professionals worked with me on both the first and second negotiations…starting with the graphic department, Silvia and Ludovico, Hariet being Dutch and sharing this in common with the sellers, immediately established an excellent relationship with them, carefully walking them through our sales procedure and managing to make an excellent sale all around!

Now, Viola will be able to enjoy her fantastic property in the Val D’Orcia! Initially, the farmhouse will be the place where she and her family will spend their holidays. Then, in a few years, I really believe it will become their main home.

the dreams of Viola and her family came true!


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