Luca Bonifaci and Rebhomes: the great results of 2018

Luca Bonifaci and Rebhomes: the great results of 2018

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In order to know his objectives and results achieved in 2018, we met Dr. Luca Bonifaci, the RebHomes CEO and the GE person in charge for the area of Rome and for the Sardinia region.

Hi Luca. Would you like to tell us how your experience with Great Estate have increased during the years? When did your partnership start?

Well, we can say I started my career as real estate agent with Great Estate. In 2012, I decided to change my job and I started this activity. Knowing Stefano Petri, the Great Estate Group and their will to improve and increase in Sardinia too, we started to collaborate.

Which are the areas where you work in?

I mainly work in the areas of the North of Sardinia and Rome. In 2017, my agency changed its name into Rebhomes and we opened an office in Porto Rotondo (Olbia) and in the district of Prati, Rome.

During 2018, were there any changing in “REBHOMES”?

Every year, we try to do something new and, being us a new-born reality, to improve. In addition to the marketing coordinator Ughetta Iaculli, my wife, and I, Roberta Mennuno joined our team too. Roberta has been working in the real estate field for many years. Having she moved from Milan to Sardinia, our paths crossed. Now she manages the office in Porto Rotondo.

Sardinia has always represented a particularly beautiful and luxury area of Italy, as well as one of its main touristic location. Which are the best areas of the island where to invest?

With the real estate market crisis of the last years, prices are decreased. So, as long as to find a right priced property, it is surely convenient to purchase in this moment. For large cuts especially, it is possible to do good businesses: villas near the sea or country homes. I always suggest areas not too distant from the airports or ports and with some particular features, as the sea view or the vicinity to the sea. In this historic period, the product quality is fundamental for the increasing of the investment done.

Are your clients choosing Sardinia for their second homes? Which are your “typical costumers”?

Yes, our clients are mainly tourists who purchase or sell homes. But it is also true that the number of tourists who want to permanently move to Sardinia and who are looking for country homes not too far from the sea is increasing too.

Where do your buyers come from?

The majority of them comes from Italy, but we have also clients from Switzerland, Russia, U.K, Germany, Norway, Sweden, U.S. and France. Especially in some specific areas, the international presence is high and, regarding the most luxury ones like Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo, the richest buyers are internationals. 

How many clients did Great Estate generated for your areas through its visibility and advertisement?

During 2018, thanks to Great Estate, 137 – 126 of which potential buyers – new clients were generated.

Now, let’s talk about Rome. Which were the market trends in the capital? What can you tell us about the buyers?

Rome is mainly a first home market, but many Italians and internationals are currently buying a property as an investment too. Through the help of their families, students’ purchase are common too: considering the room for rent prices, the purchase in central or semi-central areas near a university is increasing.

Luca, how did 2018 close for you agency? Is the group satisfied?

Yes, we are very satisfied. It has been a very positive year for us, both in terms of sales and intermediated properties values. In 2018, we doubled the production and number of the 2017 negotiations. For a “young” agency like our, it is important to quickly increase. In 2018, we can affirm to have done it.

Good so! Can you tell us which were the properties and sales closed during last year?

We sold properties with very different features and prices among each other: from the houses in the centre of Rome to the small apartments at the sea. In particular, with a great common satisfaction, we sold a villa in Porto Cervo to some Swiss clients. Another very important sale was a beautiful 150 sqm apartment in the historic centre of Rome, with an incredible view on the Tevere River, which was sold in just three days and at the price request by the owners. We have also sold, in two months only, an attic in Porto Rotondo which, before us, has been on the market for more than three years. Other more complex transactions were, for example, an apartment in the historical centre of Rome, in the district of Testaccio, which took many time but that finally has its right buyer thanks also to the faith the vendor always had in us. Many are the small apartments with sea view and/or in prestigious residences we sold during the year, as well as residential apartments of loyal clients who entrusted themselves to us.

To conclude, Luca, are you satisfied with the results achieved thanks to the collaboration with Great Estate? How do you see the future of this partnership?

Our collaboration is already consolidated, but there is always a common will to improve. In 2018, Great Estate did many things: from the new web-site to the new professionals who joined the group, from the offered services – among which the Home Staging – to the very important IT tools. The Best Price makes objective property estimate and it helps us to let the vendors understand which could be the right price for the market. Regarding the future, I am expecting Stefano to do what he has always done: working to improve his “creature” by welcoming the technology and market news day-by-day.

.. a good reason to choose Great Estate!

Regarding the vendors, surely the working methodology of Great Estate represents a quality and result guarantee. In particular, I would like to underline two elements:-  First, the possibility to advertise your property with an international marketing plan (read here our article about this topic), something which is hardly reachable by other networks. – Second, The Best Price. IT estimate system that we use to estimate a property on the bases of objective data. This allow us and the client not to waste our time and to enter the property at a right price on the market immediately.

A special thanks to Dr. Luca Bonifaci and the entire staff of Rebhomes. 

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